Mises à jour de Spotify pour Mac OS X, Windows et iPhone

La version 0.4.9 de l’application pour Windows et Mac OS X a été publiée hier soir.

Elle inclut un certain nombre de corrections de bugs et la compatibilité avec les commandes audio du Mac sans interférer avec iTunes, elle se met en pause lorsque le volume est baissé et la lecture automatique des titres lorsque l’on clique sur un lien sur Twitter, Facebook, etc. a été remise en place.

Comme d’habitude sur Mac et Windows, l’application se mettra automatiquement à jour dans les prochains jours.

La mise à jour pour iPhone est également disponible dans l’app store. Parmi les nouveautés et améliorations :

  • L’application démarre beaucoup plus rapidement, jusqu’à 6 fois plus vite qu’auparavant.
  • Spotify ne redémarre plus après avoir raccroché si vous avez enlevé vos écouteurs pendant l’appel.
  • Graphiques compatibles avec l’écran Retina sur iPhone 4 et iPod Touch 4G.
  • Ecrivez un message lorsque vous envoyez des titres à vos amis.
  • Amélioration de la manière dont Spotify se repositionne après le redémarrage. Vous n’avez plus à attendre d’être en ligne avant de pouvoir utiliser l’application.
  • Correction de bugs lors de la connexion / déconnexion, ouverture de liens, changement de chansons, et autres.

Amusez-vous bien !

Best of 2010 playlist compilation

Yesterday we revealed our 2010 Music Retrospective, which looked at the most streamed tracks and albums on Spotify this past year. Today we have a series of playlists where labels and some of our music staff pick their favourite tracks of 2010 are.

Our best of 2010 playlists include:

Enjoy and be sure to let us know what your best of 2010 list is!

Spotify for Windows, Mac OS X and iPhone updates

We’ve got an update to Spotify for Windows and Mac OS X that we’ve begun to roll out to users today, version 0.4.9.

It includes a number of bug fixes as well as support for Mac media keys without interfering with iTunes, pausing when volume is lowered and we’ve re-added auto-play for all track links when clicked on from Twitter, Facebook, feed, etc.

As with all new releases for Windows and Mac you will automatically be updated in the next few days as we upgrade all our users.

We’ve also got an iPhone update available in the app store. New features and improvements include:

  • A much faster start up speed, Spotify loads 6 times faster than previously.
  • Spotify will not start playing after you hangup a call if you have removed your headphones during the call.
  • Retina display graphics for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G.
  • Attach a message when sharing to your Spotify friends.
  • Improved how Spotify reloads your position after a restart. You no longer have to wait until you get online or tap to cancel before you can use Spotify.
  • Stability fixes related to log out, opening links, changing songs, login, and others.


Les Tops Spotify 2010

Pour célébrer une fantastique année musicale, nous faisons un retour rapide sur les titres et albums les plus écoutés sur Spotify en 2010.

Nous avons compilé les Tops anglais, suédois, finlandais, norvégiens, espagnols, hollandais et français. Vous allez pouvoir comparer vos goûts musicaux avec ceux des utilisateurs dans les autres pays et découvrir ce qui a cartonné en dehors de nos frontières ! Vous pouvez également redécouvrir les Tops 2009.

Pour découvrir les titres qui ont cartonnés en 2010, rendez-vous sur notre page spéciale rétrospective 2010.

Spotify’s 2010 music retrospective

To celebrate reaching the end of another fantastic year for music lovers, we’re hitting the rewind button and revealing Spotify’s most streamed tracks and albums of 2010.

We’ve compiled lists for the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Spain, Netherlands and France. You’ll be able to compare musical tastes between countries as well as discover which music has topped the Spotify charts across Europe. You can also step back in time to check out what was topping the charts last year on Spotify.

To discover which tracks have topped the Spotify music charts in 2010 head over to the retrospective home page.

Drowned in… November + The Best of 2010

This month’s blog post from Sean Adams, the founder of Drowned in Sound, features several different year-end flavoured playlists…

Don’t be alarmed but that whooshing sound you can hear is your brain whirling at the thought that it is already December and yet it still feels like February. However, don’t worry that beeping sound isn’t some digital alarm bell ringing in your cerebral cortex, it’s probably some electronica or a sample in the depths of one of the year’s finest tracks. Speaking of which, what are the tracks of the year that you really should have heard? If you’ve kept up with my monthly playlists, you will hopefully know quite a few of these already but for the sake of completeness and optimum time-saving, a year’s worth of my listening to 500+ albums and digesting the music media, so you don’t have to, is compiled here…

Drowned in… November
It might be my imagination but I think each of my playlists have revealed both a shift in my taste and in the sound of the year – contrast and compare with each playlist below. From Daft Punk’s Tron soundtrack and Kanye’s critic-pleasing return to James Blake’s stripped down re-jig of Feist’s ‘Limit to Your Love’, November was awash with pianos, strings, beats and submergent synths, often within the first three seconds of a song. There’s a definite chill to this playlist but hopefully the electronic hum will bring some warmth to your ears. Oh and Nicki Minaj swears, a fair bit, in case you’re offended by talk of Dungeon & Dragons.
Listen/subscribe: Drowned in November 2010

Sean’s Songs of the Year
30 of my favourites from 2010 put together as a little mixtape. My number one is either Kelis’ ‘Acapella’ or Perfume Genius’ ‘Mr Petersen’ or maybe Blondes’ ‘Moondance’. Do I really need to pick a favourite?
Sean’s Songs of 2010

Drowned in Sound’s favourite albums of 2010
Last week on DiS we revealed our album of the year and you can flick through them as a playlist. Or listen to a track from each of the top 75, using the following links.
DiS Albums of the Year 2010
DiS Albums of 2010 – Sampler


Merci à tous les participants au questionnaire “Que pensez-vous de Spotify ?” !

Vous l’avez certainement remarqué, ces dernières semaines nous avons mis en place dans l’application un questionnaire visant à connaître votre avis sur Spotify.
Nous tenons à remercier tous les participants, les 6 gagnants des comptes Premium de 3 mois ont été contactés par e-mail.

Grâce à vous nous en savons un peu plus sur ce qui vous plaît et ne vous plaît pas dans Spotify, votre aide nous est très précieuse pour avancer dans la bonne direction !
N’hésitez pas à poster vos questions et impressions sur nos pages Facebook ou Twitter.

The perfect gift for Christmas

We’re delighted to introduce our special Christmas e-cards allowing you to give the gift of music to your family and friends this holiday season. Or feel free to treat yourself, you deserve it!

You can purchase either one, three, six or 12 months of Spotify Premium and send your loved ones a beautifully designed email or print out the gift to place under the Christmas tree.

Gift codes can then be redeemed on our site so you and your friends can enjoy classic holiday music ad-free and on the go. Merry Christmas!

Deck the halls! The Spotify Christmas playlist compilation.

December is upon us, there’s a chill in the air and Christmas is just around the corner. To get you into the holiday spirit we’ve got a selection of wintery playlists for you to enjoy all month long.

Be sure to subscribe to the following lists:

Happy holidays!