Spotify for Android updated to include social and local files features

Today we’re releasing an update to our Android app – version 0.4.04 is now available.

This update brings a number of the great social and local file features we’ve recently launched to your mobile phone so that you can take the full Spotify experience with you on the road.

The additions include:

  • Support for playing and wirelessly synchronizing local files to your phone
  • The Library feature has been added
  • The Inbox, Feed and Starred features have been added
  • You can now view the Top tracks list
  • We’ve added the ability to filter for tracks in playlists
  • And finally – scrobbling!

We hope you enjoy the new features.


  1. great update!! 🙂
    the only problem is that it crashes when i go to home, and i liked one part of the old one where you could swoop up all the favorite artist tracks in one click.
    in the new one i have to take one at a time.
    anyways, love you all, listen to you every day. go spotify!!!!!!!!!

  2. A developer-question in regards to android: Is it possible to send intents in form of spotify URIs to the app? It would be a really great feature!

    If possible: please add it to documentation on f.ex. 🙂

  3. Dunno if anyone from Spotify read these comments, but if you do:

    1. Have “normalize volume” in the app.
    2. Pls make an equalizer or something like that 🙂
    3. To get the BEST exercise experience, could you add a 5/10-sec crossfader? When I’m out running, I really would like the beat to continue, and not have the gaps and smooth-outs of songs.

    Other than that, it’s an excellent app.