Issues with Symantec anti-virus

Earlier today we were alerted by a number of users that Spotify was being blocked by various versions of Symantec/Norton anti-virus products. This caused the anti-virus software to falsely identify Spotify as a Trojan. I can assure you that Spotify is not a Trojan, this is simply a misunderstanding on Symantec’s part.

Both Spotify and Symantec are aware of this problem and they have been very quick to respond and release an update for their anti-virus software.

We’re told by Symantec that if you are running SEP or SAV, then Rapid Release definitions have just been released dated 28/01/2010 rev. 2 – these also have the fix included. They will be included in the next full release for both SEP and SAV. You can also manually download and install the new Rapid Release if you’d like. More help can be found on our forums.

If you need to reinstall Spotify it is quite easy to do and you can always log in with your existing account, no need to create a new one. You can download the installer from our website if necessary. Once you’ve restarted Spotify you may need to go to the Internet Properties in Symantec/Norton and ensure that Spotify is not blocked so it can connect to the internet.

We’re really sorry that this happened but we hope everyone can get back up and running soon.

Update: Symantec have updated Norton Antivirus (using Live Update). After that you may nee to restore the spotify.exe -file from the Antivirus quarantine list and Spotify should then work.


  1. Well, as much as I love Spotify, I simply don’t understand enough about any of the virus, firewall etc stuff to get it back.

    Shame. The usual treatment for non-tech (usually read “old”!) folk.

  2. Yes! I followed the instructions successfully but found it difficult myself…not being that confident with complex tech processes. Maybe you could ask a friend to help you? Good luck getting Spotify back anyway!

  3. i had the same problem so now i dont load it up on them computer i installed it to my pendrive and i now load it up through that well atleast untill the correct patches are uploaded

  4. Just found this problem- baffling at first. Found that Norton 360 had identified spotify as a trojan twice -once for the .exe file and once for a registry entry. Yhis is what I did and so far it works:
    1. ran norton 360 to ensure updates are all current
    2. took the 2 trojans out of Norton 360 quarantine
    3. found spotify.exe back in programs file and ran it – that got the login box from spotify up on screen
    4. logged in ok as usual
    5. re-established shortcuts as old ones had lost the linkage

    hope that works for yo and fingers crossed N360 wont identify spotify as atrojan on the next scan…!!

  5. i have norton 2009 and got in touch with norton about this,they gave me an update for norton 2010 as i had 264 days left of the original 2009 version,i installed the update and it got rid of the trojan and i could download spotify again.i was told from a norton rep that this is the only way to get rid of it.

  6. Norton is still blocking my access to spotify. I’ve run all updates to no avail. If I unintall spotify and then re-install is that going to help and if I do will I loose my playlists. i’m total novice with this stuff.

  7. As a point of note, I have applied all the updates as detailed exhaustively above and am now getting an error code, 114. I have tried access on three different laptops (Two on XP, one on Vista (with no Symantec) and there is no access – it intermittently connects and reconnects.

    However, access from the iphone is fine….!? I’ve raised it with customer support as I think the issue is with Spotify and not Symantec (well, this latter issue anyway).


  8. Simpler way out for anyone who can’t connect to Spotify and has Norton 360 to make his life harder (I guess that Norton Internet Security is pretty much the same)… No re-installing needed:
    1. Open the 360 main window
    2. Click “Settings” on top
    3. Click “Firewall”
    4. Click “Program Rules”
    5. Find Spotify in the list
    6. Change the value on the right to “Allow” (or “Custom”, then on the new window “Modify”, then, on the “Action” tab, “Allow”)
    7. Spotify IS BACK!!! ENJOY!!! (just log in again)

  9. Thanks to leffe108 for the advice on how to check if my Norton Anti-Virus had blocked access to Spotify. Being a technological imbecile, I managed to find the way to unblock access and it seems to work – thank you!!

  10. NO, I am sorry, it does not work that way with Norton Internet Security. I’ve got Spotify working thru the more complicated means of change: Updating Norton, uninstalling Spotify, reinstalling Spotify and start all over again. Spotify works. BUT…. Every time I start my computer, Norton flashes up about a deadly threat existing on my computer, called Spotify which I ought to delete. I can easily deny this unwanted help from Norton with two clicks each time and all is fine again. But all this is rather annoying and a bit like keeping crying out for wolves – one day there might really be a deadly threat and I will just click it away as I do now every time I open the computer. Why can’t Norton and Spotify get this solved in a better and more sustainable manner??

  11. I contacted Symantec Support as soon as it happened and they fixed it down the wire in about 15 minutes. Very impressive but it would have been better had they not got it wrong in the first place.
    They put the relevant Spotify installer and the into the scan exclusions in the symantec scan exclusions in the exclusions tab in the computer settings tab. Try it and it may work for you.

  12. I got Spotify back after following the info given in the blog, and I also set Spotify as “allowed” just like ikolon said. Still – this morning when I started Spotify, the problem is there same as it was that first day. I have used it since I fixed it, but now its back. EVEN if Spotify is allowed in the program list in the Norton Firewall.

    Now what? 😦

  13. calopteryx try this.
    Open your Norton
    click on the “Settings” section in the Computer section of the display.
    click on “configure” on the Scan Exclusions line
    find the location of your spotify and paste the location into the scan inclusion box. My reference was C:UsersMY NAMEDesktopSpotify Installer.exe
    Then paste C:UsersMY NAMEDesktopSpotify.lnk into the same scan exclusions box.
    Then paste C:UsersMY NAMEDesktopSpotify Installer.exe into the Real Time Exclusion box which should be under the previous box and on the same tab.
    Clearly your desktop may sit on a different drive and you will neeed to insert your name or whatever your drive reference is.

    If that fails you can always try the Norton Help and support button as I did. They were speedy and effective and it is included in your Norton payment

    You may then need to reinstall Spotify before it works.

    Best of luck and keep me posted on how it goes.

    Cheers Reaper1815

  14. i have a free version and i have experioansed that that i am off line how do i get online??

  15. Norton sucks donkey balls, try one of the following free alternatives:

    1) AVG Free
    2) Microsoft Security Essentials
    3) Avast Free

    Just uninstall norton and use one of the three above programs instead!

  16. I had the same issue with Kaspersky Internet Security.

    After adding the Spotify folder to the trusted list, restarting and logging back in, the program works perfectly fine again.

  17. I have the fix!! Don’t use Norton products!! They are proven by industry specialists to slow down your computer and incorrectly identify viruses. Use Avast! instead. ( Don’t blame Spotify! Their software works with everything else! This is Norton and Symantec once again showing their shocking skills.