New releases for January 18th

A number of new releases are available on Spotify recently. A few highlights includes:

Let us know what other gems you find this week!


  1. More tracks from “The Casino Brawl”. Great local band with an album out :).

  2. any chance of getting some more red hot chili peppers on Spotify? even just Californication? and i’d really like buy now…saved later by one minute silence on there aswell. thanks NickH2T

  3. SPOTIFY… Why has the name of Busted, the good all band been changed to Cheap Trick?

    As far as i’m aware, they haven’t had a name change…

    Can we get some Evil Scarecrow music on there?

    They are a comedy metal band, and play awesome music!

  4. I know that there is a lot of unhappy users already, but can I add one more voice. It is VERY disappointing that you have stopped the Google list.

    Going through that list helped me explore music that i would not have throught to search for. It was fun! It was part of Spotify.

    This is a backward step. Please take note of what people are telling you.

  5. LostProphets gone again.

    Whats going on?

    Coming very close to hitting cancel on February’s payment.

  6. Can anyone tell me how to use the tag:new in the search. All this gives me is a small list of 8 albums in the upper right hand section of the window and the words “and 500 more…” Is this how it works. If so this is pretty useless. How can I get it to give a proper list in the part of the window where search results normally appear. The Google docs were pretty poor, but better than nothing. Emusic, which is generally a pretty disorganised website, manages to display newly available albums – if they can do it why can’t Spotify. When it was all free such disorganisation was tolerable, but now I pay £10 monthly I expect a better service.

  7. Great work spotify, awaiting the betrayed still, is that going back up else i might have to grab it on Itunes, which is exactly what i wanted to avoid signing up with spotify :-s

  8. Add CunninLynguists – Strange Journey vol. 2 please, it was released november 2009 so it shouldnt be “too new”…Thank you =)

  9. Come on guys!! Hotel California is needed on Spotify !!!!! Please do it. 😀