Win an XBox courtesy and DiRT 2


We’ve got a nice little giveaway today for our premium subscribers in the UK. You could win a Xbox 360 Elite game console and a copy of the much anticipated racing game DiRT 2 courtesy of our friends over at Codemasters. To see the game in action check out the demo available online.

To be in with a chance of winning this great prize, simply leave a comment on this post saying why you think you should win.


  1. I deserve to win because I never won anything in my life….would be sensational experience!;)

  2. Im a dad and all my cash does on giving my 3 year old girl all she needs in life. leaves very little to spoil myslef with. even my spotify account gets plenty of baby genius play time. would love to retire my PS1 and V rally for a new updated thrill ride for after her bed time

  3. Most of my friends own a xbox at the moment and I feel kinda left out. Wouldnยดt it be awsome to feel that you really helped a poor little guy too win against my friends at xobox games ;).

    Thanks for a great product, I love it

  4. whey hey – I’m a bald, old git who likes playing bowls on a Sunday afternoon. But if I won this little baby, I think I might catch the eye of Edna ‘sure arm’ Coxly-Smithe. She’s a fox.

  5. My monitor is currently a bit too low for me to use safely throughout. If I won the xbox, I could use it as a stand for the monitor. And Dirt would make a really good coaster for my cups of coffee – the case could then be used to store the password for my spotify account securely too.

  6. If I win it would be Legen….wait for it, I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the next word is dairy, Legendary!!!

  7. I just spent my last ยฃ10 before my first ever real paycheque (at the end of the month) on a new premium account so that I could enter this contest.
    Playing DiRT 2 would distract me from the hunger pangs that are due to commence… now.
    I am personally responsible for Spotify’s success in that I have converted at least five (5… Read more) people to using it.
    I hope to use the reflexes I gain from playing this game to successfullly pilot a starship into the heart of a Death Star, should the opportunity arise.

  8. Xbox 360 + Dirt 2 + Spotify = Heaven.

    Make me a happy man. Send some heavenly goodness my way.

  9. Im going to the military in 14 days. Need something to entertain my girlfriend with while Im gone! (so I dont hear ‘its not you, its me…’ when I get home.)

  10. I sell X-box and Dirt after playing the game for a bit then i have spotify premium for a while with the profits ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. the devil makes work of idle hands….i need something to keep my fingers busy while my ears are busy listening to spotify!

  12. If I won this prize I would make sure it would be used very well! Spotify and the Xbox 360 would go very well together and from what I’ve seen/heard dirt is a great game.

  13. I hope this is decided by a random draw — from the comments above, everyone deserves this more than me. I can’t even put up a decent sized bribe.

    Give it to philibaldi… nice one geezer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. because it would be the ultimate way enjoy the cold, dark winter nights coming all too quickly

  15. I would love one because I am laid up with the cold and an impacted, infected wisdom tooth at the same time and need something to take my mind off it. Also, after paying my debts off I have no money in the entire world with which to entertain myself and it would provide many fun nights in!

  16. i don’t know why i should win but i try . If you don’t try you dont get anything

  17. I need to win as I borrowed my brothers xbox went to uni and then broke it, I can’t afford a new one and I’m in serious trouble if i can’t replace it.