Invite your friends

As you may have noticed we have sent out some invites to our users, that can be used to invite your friends to Spotify.

To send out invites, just follow the steps below:

  1. Select “Your Account” from the help menu inside the application or go directly to the account page.
  2. Log in with your Spotify account.
  3. Click on “Share Spotify”.
  4. Click on “Create invitation”

Now, either copy the invitation token ("heZwF9CdY5PNJJ3W") and send it to your friend or simply enter your friends email address and click “Send invitation”.

If you get an invitation token that you want to use, just go to

So, go ahead and invite your friends, and remember, the best way to get more invites is to use the ones you have got.

And, yes, the invitation token above is valid, but it can only be used once…


  1. I paid purely so I can invite someone, no point in pay otherwise. Ho-hum, back to LastFM. Why did I doubt it?

  2. I don’t think that they are giving out invites any more as they say that spotify open is good enough (and it gives you more of a reason to upgrade to unlimited or premium.)

    in the FAQ’s:-
    “Since Spotify Open is available to everybody, you no longer need an invite to get started with Spotify. We also have Spotify Unlimited and Spotify Premium which gives you a lot more features (and no ads).”

  3. How do you get invitations? Free user here for about 3 months or so and haven’t had any invites enabled. Are they only available for Premium users?

  4. Spotify, give us some invites, we need some and have none when we blatantly should.

  5. How do you choose who gets invites?? or is it just random? i got my account before you needed invited and all this, so the system seems a bit confusing…

  6. I also signed up as a free user AGES ago and was never issued with any invites. This is appauling! I want at least 1 invite, otherwise how can i spread the love of spotify!?

  7. I have Spotify Free, how do one get an invite token, that you can send your one of more of your friends ;o Can I have one? Just one please.

    Thank you :>

  8. i have no invites either ive used spotify for over 4 years and never had any do you only get them when your on the premium service ??