Spotify 0.2.6

We released a new version of Spotify yesterday. Some bugs were fixed and a new linking mode was introduced. It is now possible to link to positions in tracks, such as Jimi Hendrix’s famous guitar solo in Little Wing. If you want to create such a link, just append a hash mark followed by the position to the Spotify URI, like this: spotify:track:0x6sp8GeimTiAUVGkp3ZGv#1:40.

Other changes include:

  • User settings can be changed.
  • We mark all collaborative playlist (including your own) with a padlock icon.
  • Spotify for Windows can upload crash reports.

Fixed bugs include:

  • A crash bug that was triggered by playlist deletion.
  • The way Spotify handles positions in lists has been changed. This should solve some of the bugs related to modifying playlists.
  • Spotify now behaves much better on two screens.

We also allow under-age users to sign up for Spotify if they have their guardian’s consent.