Our Interview With Dizzee Rascal

“Some artists are very depressing – I try to be the opposite…” Two days before Dizzee Rascal releases his new album – The Fifth – he’s in the studio editing A Day In The Life video for his label, Dirtee Stank. Last night he was dancing around on stage with Brandy and Jessie J, an event which would have […]

Our Interview With Jimmy Anderson

Lancashire and England cricketer Jimmy Anderson has been called the best bowler of his generation and it was he who, basically, won England the Test Match back in July. Indeed, such is his dedication to the sport that he laughs that his favourite noise is, “the sound a ball makes when it hits a bat’s […]

Amy Winehouse: #AMYS30 Playlist

As a child growing up, Amy Winehouse’s life was full of music. Sometimes it would be her dad Mitch singing Sarah Vaughan or Frank Sinatra songs around the house, other times Amy and he would harmonise together as he drove his black cab through the London streets. Over the years Amy’s mother Janis built up […]