Amy Winehouse: #AMYS30 Playlist


As a child growing up, Amy Winehouse’s life was full of music. Sometimes it would be her dad Mitch singing Sarah Vaughan or Frank Sinatra songs around the house, other times Amy and he would harmonise together as he drove his black cab through the London streets.

Over the years Amy’s mother Janis built up a huge record collection and she says she would often find her daughter singing along to favourite LPs, while Amy’s brother Alex frequently discovered that the CDs he thought were missing CDs were actually up in Amy’s room. Later, Mitch’s new wife Jane would take her step-daughter along when she worked on hospital radio and let Amy’s taste guide the music she programmed for that day’s shows. Ultimately, all of this music went on to create a soundtrack to Amy’s life as well as providing an inspiration for the songs she would go on to become hugely – and rightly – famous for.

This September, Amy would have turned 30. To celebrate her life and career – and the work being done in her name by the Amy Winehouse Foundation – her family have compiled a playlist of her most beloved songs for Spotify as part of #Amys30. Come for the classic soul, jazz and doo wop that helped to shape and define Amy’s sound, stick around for the handful of truly left-field choices woven into the mix.

Click here more information on the Amy Winehouse Foundation.