Spotify v0.4.8 updates sharing and introduces inbox messaging

We’re rolling out an update that adds two of our most frequently requested features to Spotify. First up is Inbox Messaging – now when you send a track to a friend’s Inbox you can add a short message to let them know what inspired you to send them the track.

Also added is a much improved sharing function to send tracks to Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live and your Spotify friends. Simply right-click any track, album or playlist and select “Share To…” to open the new sharing box. If you’ve connected Spotify with Facebook you no longer need to open a browser to share tracks.

We’ve also redesigned search history and moved them up into the search bar. To drop down a list of your most recent searches click the magnifying glass icon in the search bar.

We hope you enjoy the new features!


  1. Ipad is the fastest selling mobile device ever… and it has the screen and power to handle pretty much all the features the pc spotify version offers… just saying… =)

  2. I avoid using applications as administrator, now pre installing the update the application can not be used. Why ? How about allowing users the freedom of choosing update after login and wait with the installation until more time can be spared ?

  3. I have another suggestion:
    Could be able to import Spotify music into iTunes, or sync Spotify music to iPods??
    I think that would really make Spotify the front-runner for streaming music!!

  4. My cumputer download the latets virsion 0.4.8 and it was a virus it said and now i can´t get my spotify to use anymore :@

  5. Now, the old version 0.4.7 under GNU/Linux not runing. When is the new version for GNU/Linux? thanks

  6. Sorry to update an old post but myself and others are annoyed about the merging of the recent searches to the search bar. It was much easier when the recent searches were there, you could easily just click on the recent searches and bring up their songs. Please change it back!!!

    No problems with the other features though 😀

  7. The new sharing improvment actually sucks….there is now way of sharing a Spotifytrack on Facebook without publishing it on the public FB page. In the previous version you had the choice of publishing for all to see, or send a song as a private email ( this still works perfectly when sharing Youtube clips on FB ) I am a obsessive music sharing guy wanting my friends with the same taste in music to hear what I have found. I now have to stop this as 25 Spotify postings on my public page tends to piss peaple off…….