Spotify Premium – M.I.A is back

After two hugely acclaimed albums (2005’s ‘Arular’ and 2007’s ‘Kala’), the global success of Paper Planes, Oscar nominations, and that ’Grammys performance, M.I.A is set to release new album ‘///Y/’, which sees her as incendiary and forward thinking as ever.

Recorded in Los Angeles, the album features production from Rusko, Diplo, Blaqstarr and Switch, a collaboration resulting in dubstep bass and grinding industrial noise being added to MIA’s unique armoury of sounds. ‘///Y/’, draws influence from our technologically changing world, now that our every thought and action is documented and posted for everyone to see. The album is an uncensored screen-grab of 2010.

Listen to a selection of upfront tracks from the album now on the Spotify Premium with the full album available from Mon 12th


  1. on the artists page M.I.A gets mixed up with german artist MIA. the same happens with the sounds. can you please fix this?

  2. I Know it’s something to do with Warners but can someone explain why Plan B, Pendulum & We Are Scientists newest albums are only available partially. I could understand 5 or 6 tracks being on the free version. but to be a premium member and get 1/3 album is rather annoying. I guess the idea is so we go and get the album from the shops (or 7 digital?) but if i’m paying £120 a year Warners should be glad that they’re getting money from me per play. Until they’re available in full (M.I.A’s new album is up partially up as a promo, which is fine!) This needs to be clarified as i’m not the only one who’s using alternative methofs to listen to these albums, FOR FREE!

  3. I’ve been subscribed to the Spotify RSS feed for ages because I wanted to hear news posts about new countries the service is available to, not about crappy pop music. Can you divide up the RSS feeds for “releases” and “blog news”, please?

  4. @squarewheel – I couldn’t help but notice how in your comment, you seem to be complaining that you subscribed to a blog about a music service, although you don’t like it when they talk about their service in the blog itself. Maybe you should look at what you’re subscribing to in future, before actually subscribing.

  5. Don’t know where else to put this, as I suspect the comments in older blogposts won’t be read, so here goes:

    Please check the performance of the Android Spotify app for HTC Hero!
    With the stock music app, I can easily switch to the browser and surf, or play my games while playing music WITHOUT hickups.

    With Spotify, my music sometimes pauses for a few seconds and makes weird noises. Especially when SCROLLING through content in the browser or Android-menu’s.

    I love Spotify and I’m willing to keep paying for it, but this really needs to get fixed ASAP because it’s annoying as hell and sometimes makes me want to use the stock music app for Android again.

    Thanks! 🙂