Spotify for iPhone v0.4 now available

Last week we told you that we’d submitted a new version of our iPhone app to Apple for approval. The approval process has been super quick and today we’re happy to announce that the update is now available in the app store.

What’s new in this version:

  • scrobbling.
  • The ability to open and play Spotify links e.g. straight from your Facebook app or browser.
  • Save time and space by using tracks already stored on your iPod in your playlists – there’s no need to sync those track anymore.
  • Save and find your favourite tracks and albums with the Starred playlist and Star buttons (also coming to the desktop version soon!).
  • Support for listening at 96 kb/s for more efficient streaming on slow connections.
  • Spotify remembers when you were when you quit and starts up at the same location.
  • The ability to sync your purchased Spotify tracks over Wifi.
  • A new look for albums and playlists.
  • The ability to set playlist as collaborative or not.
  • The ability to search in playlists.
  • The ability to create a new playlist from the Add to Playlist view.
  • Playlists named “-” show up as separators.
  • Album reviews added to album view.
  • Volume slider uses system volume.
  • Volume normalization option added

Note: The ability to sync purchased tracks to your iPhone will be available in the next update of the Spotify desktop client. This will enable users who have purchased high-quality tracks to transfer and use those higher bitrate tracks rather than stream the song from Spotify.

If you experience any issues with the new version please do let us know and we’ll try and address them as quickly as possible. Enjoy!


  1. This update is a complete disaster – do not install. Couldn’t play anything after updating, I was told I needed to be premium user which I am. Tried reinstalling after which login was impossible. Luckily I still had the previous version in iTunes.

  2. I’m having a problem with playlist syncing between the iPhone app and the desktop app – if I create a playlist on the desktop it will quickly sync to the iPhone but when I create playlists on the iPhone, the desktop app recognises that I’ve created one but just shows itself as ‘Loading…’ forever.

  3. I totally agree with tb. The app now crashes when I try play anything. À complete disaster. Please fix this. I am right now paying for something I can’t use!

  4. New version works ok for me. On startup it ‘Restores’ for about 5 seconds. I assume that this is to put you back to the place you were when you last exited. This is a good feature as it retains your last search screen and your last ‘now playing’. Beware of using the Starred playlist as you cannot simply delete tracks. You have to play the track, press the ‘i’ button and then select ‘unstar’ for each track. So if you ‘star’ an album, then you will have to go through the above ‘unstar’ routine for each track. A bit of a pain. Much better if the normal playlist delete facility was implemented (i.e via the pencil symbol at the head of the playlist track listing).

  5. I have free spotify in my PC. Is there any version to iphone also free or only premium users can have it in the iphone??? Thks!

  6. I can’t go online over wifi after this update even though I’m logged in. It’s useless, I wish I could rollback to the previous version.

  7. Dreadful up-date!!!!!,lost all of my off line play list songs,can’t log in,will cancel premium subscription on weekend if not sorted,anyone thinking of downloading v4.00 DON’T YET TILL BUGS SORTED OUT!!!!

  8. Why should I need to buy some songs in order to play them on my Iphone? I already pay for a premium account and that should be enough. You are out on very thin ice here…

  9. I’m having some major issues with Spotify since i updated my app. A lot of songs ain’t working. Spotify is just complaining about some sync with purchased tracks. Please help me.

  10. Deleted the app – powered down the iphone and re-installed spotify. logged in ok and having to re-sync all my tracks but otherwise very happy with this. thanks Spotify. Still my favourite App

  11. We’re looking into all the reported issues and investigating in order to determine what’s gone wrong for some users. As soon as we have more info we’ll update you.

  12. _suberb_ wrote: “Why should I need to buy some songs in order to play them on my Iphone? I already pay for a premium account and that should be enough. You are out on very thin ice here…”

    Relax. They just made it possible to sync those tracks, which should be good for some users. Others, like yourself, can just ignore that option.

  13. fewmanchu. Ok, I will double check that. But, sync for what? I had the songs on the phone before upgrading, after upgrade they where grayed out. And text informing me that I had to buy the song.

  14. Wd be nice to share playlists etc with iphone twitter apps rather than having to go to the main site and shutting off what you are listening to.

  15. Update for iphone is great, I can now easily stream over the edge network on my original iphone. This update brings a lot of th edesktop functionality

  16. I can’t logging in my premium account since last update in my Ipod Touch.

  17. Don’t forget Symbian users! Remember that we all pay the same money monthly 😛

  18. Noticed that a sync of some kind with itunes happens every time that the app is opened (when connected). If the itunes library is sizeable this takes a long time and must consume both battery and processor. Is this sync with itunes causing a lot of the problems with freezing screens etc ? Also don’t understand the numbers on the ipod sync, mine tells me it has 8000 plus spotify matches but the updates seem to stop somewhere in the region of 3500. Restored the old version ahead of these bugs being fixed

  19. I seemed to have a bug on my Spotify account prior to the update and since I set up my premium account on my Iphone. For some reason albums/playlists will not play tracks in the correct order and some tracks are even repeated. Don’t know if it just me as no one else seems to be reporting this issue. I love having Spotify on my phone and have no other complaints however this bug is now becoming really annoying and I would like to have it fixed please. I have reported it several times but to no avail.

  20. I haven’t had any problems at all with my ipod touch, it works great. We should cut spotify some slack, as it’s hard to try apps out in a large scale thanks to App Store’s time consuming processes for every small little update.

  21. my only issue has been that i can’t launch spotify links from my twitter client

  22. please, make spotify available to play on ipod/iphone docks, i buy premium just to use it on my car but it never runs.. also at my iHome is not runing.

  23. After the bugfix yesterday I must say this is a great update. Only thing I would like to see is the ability to scrobble tracks played while offline to, having an iPod touch and not an iPhone, that would be a very good feature. Just make a small cache list of tracks played, and submit when the app is back online.

    Other then that, keep up the good work!

  24. @dzafra: I am was able to use Spotify with a cheap stereosystem with iPod dock. Played just fine, however using the remote to switch tracks and pause causes playback to stop and the app must be quit and relaunched. But works fine for just starting a playlist and let it run.

  25. I had just signed up to spotify premium on my iPhone AND recommended it to all and sundry when I spotted the new update. With glee I updated the app like I was the king ding! Having previously accumulated more than 450 songs in my offline playlists imagine my abject misery when I found that the update had drained away my hours of downloading! As an unsatisfactory result I had to wi-fi myself up again and spend a full day replenishing my previous offline playlists!

    Gutted as I was to have to prostitute myself in this way I was pleased with the new features. The star feature was just what i wanted so that i could have a load of music offline that was just for me as well as having my star playlist for when the public at large was poking around my particulars!

    My advice (coming from a Luddite) to the fair chaps & chapesses at spotify is that when you offer us an update or an upgrade of any sort please don’t drag us back to square one by dissolving our hard-designed offline playlists! Find a way of giving us the good stuff without injecting us with the needle of sadness that is a regression to the fanciful days of being a new user!


  26. Hello. Spotify premium works perfectly on my computer but not in my Iphone since I downloaded the latest version. The song stops in the middle or do not start at all. What to do?

  27. Haven’t been able to use my spotify on my iphone for 3 weeks and I’m paying a tenner a month for it!

  28. just sussed how to fix it. press spotify app button. as soon as it opens press the ‘more’ icon and then turn ipod integration to off.

  29. The iPod “Integration” feature is an absolute joke. It mislead me to coming back to spotify premium.

    This app needs to bundle your itunes songs with spotify songs.. there are some tracks in your iPod library that you want to be able to “shuffle in” with your Spotify songs because they’re just not available. Various games and other apps allow control of the iPod through the iPod API. APPLE has done all the hard work for you! This would allow spotify some time to download/ start buffering other songs by playing some of your music collection when spotify has low internet connectivity.

    Lack of this feature made my cancel my premium subscription last time. The annoyance of having to shut spotify and then open itunes when i wanted the tracks was too great- and meant i didn’t use the spotify app nearly as much as I used to. I only upgraded again because i read that the app had finally gained “ipod integration”

    –lousy directions on the feature have arguably wasted another £10 of mine… great.

    Can we at least have some indication that this is a feature you’re working on. It’s kind of a no-brainer for lots of us…

  30. Whoopie do. An update to the iPhone app. Super.

    NOW WHAT ABOUT A CLIENT FOR BLACKBERRY, YOU GUYS? This is getting beyond a bloody joke. Stop updating for the lucky SOBs who already have your mobile attention, and start developing for the thousands who are still bloody waiting!

  31. why do i need to get a premium account on my ipod if its supposed to be free?

  32. Please need folders for the phone app too, and you should fix some problems, like covers disappearing, turning off constantly, and some more.

  33. I just purchased Spotify Premium so I can use the app on my iPhone, and as soon as I log in, it crashes. I’ve managed to keep it logged in long enough to get to the “more” screen, and iPod Integration is already turned off. Help!

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