Decca, the home of classical on Spotify

If you look at the Spotify Top lists you usually see the standard hit makers like Lady Gaga and Beyonce, but if you dig a little deeper you’ll quickly find that Spotify has a lot more to offer than just the standard top forty.

One area we take great pride in is our classical section and a large part of that genre comes from the catalogue of Decca Records which we recently finished adding to Spotify. Decca Records combines a large number of releases from its own label along with music from Universal Classics & Jazz and the extremely popular Deutsche Grammophon and Decca label.

Now, many of our users might not know where to start with such a large selection so the good people over at Decca have gone ahead and put together a series of playlists for you to check out. For the beginners we’ve got Mozart for Dummies and Classical for Dummies and for the more advanced check out Classical for Experts.

A few more specific playlists include Favourite Mahler, Trumpet Favourites, Best Beethoven and Handel Hits and if you’re in the mood for something a little more relaxed check out Classical Chill Out.


  1. Nice to see the Adagio of Mozart’s “Gran partita” in the Classical for Experts playlist, I wonder if Decca read my blog because I just blogged about that last week:) For contemporary music fans, here’s a playlist that put all albums from Decca’s 20/21 series together:

    Playlists of individual movements are fun, but for classical music it’s also important to listen the the whole piece of composition. Watching the whole Psycho is better than watching the bathroom killing scene 20 times:)

  2. Bad news for the French users : only 20 tracks (out of 105) from these playlists are available for France.

  3. Is something wrong here? I live in Norway, and have a Premium subscription.

    “Classical for Dummies” – 1(!) of 12 tracks is available
    “Mozart for Dummies – 5 of 15 tracks are available
    “Classical for Experts – 2 of 11 tracks are available

  4. Too bad… It seems that all the catalog is not available worldwide (France in particular)
    Any chances this will be fixed ?

  5. this is not available in spain ¬¬ why? i pay my premium account, i want this content.

  6. Please, one recommendation: at least, date the records correctly, please!! It’s very useful when you do so.


  7. Hi all,
    If you like classical music you must check out this playlist. Maybe you find some gold nuggets in it.

  8. Hello Spotify,

    I really hope that the soundquality in the classical genre are in a high bitrate since this kind of music really take benefit of it and many of the listeners of this genre have top HiFi equipment at home.


  9. Are all the tracks, in the playlists mentioned in the blog post above, available in their entirety in any region?

  10. I started writing a pretty damm kind message because I was missing some music in the progg genre. But now I’m fucking pissed off. I just noticed that you have removed even more of my beloved progg music. Maybe isnt ur fault but I bet u know the guy that caused my misery, please give him a big kick in the nuts from me.

    Best regards

  11. @digithed: I think so, I use a UK account and I can see all the tracks. And someone in Sweden told me they have even more Decca albums available.

  12. ulyssestone: That would be me, and all songs in those three playlists are available for me too.

  13. label:”Decca” only 4768 results. That seems odd.
    label:”Deutsche Grammophon” only 2530 tracks.

    Are these catalogs actually indexed?

  14. As a previous poster mentioned, the problem seems to be with being in France. I hope Spotify can work out a deal with Decca and Deutsche Grammophon for subscribers living in the hexagon.

  15. Maybe it’s me being stupid or blind or living in Norway, but where do I find this?

  16. Amazing. Now I have no need to save up to buy Karajan’s Parsifal on cd!
    Here’s hoping that Hyperion gets signed up soon.

  17. Hi.. noticed that you have removed almost all prog music, like national teatern.. It’s really sucks. Why? :C

  18. Spotify has an amazing pool of music. I love that there are so many great soundtracks on this service (since Universal Classics & Jazz have some) that I can listen to and support. Just a shame soundtracks usually stay at high prices for a while. 😦

  19. does any one remember a 10 L.P. collection of classical music called ERIC ROBINSONS WORLD OF MUSIC. Consisted of ten L.P.S, from 10 cdifferent countries from Europe? if so has it been remastered to cd?

  20. Absolutely wonderful, thank you so much. It makes it really worthwhile having my laptop. Many thanks.

  21. Great that Spotify has started to include classical music…Any chance a classical ‘button’ can be added to Spotify Radio please?

  22. Hahaha!!! I love the titles of the playlists! haha. I like how you’re not all boring and dull. You dare to take THAT step.

  23. I checked out ‘Classical for Experts’ but found that most songs are not available in the Netherlands. Any idea when these will be??

    Would be nice if you added these details in the announcement…