A selection of playlists for March

Today we have a new feature to bring you some of the more original playlists created this month and submitted to ShareMyPlaylists.com. ShareMyPlaylists is one the largest Spotify playlist sites, they have over 14,000 playlists and 16,000 members it has a very active community of music fans. The site also offers many other features such as fan groups and a free blog available to all users, so they can share their passions of music.

So check out some of this months more interesting playlist submissions and feel free to share your favourite playlist for the month.

Alan Pownall’s Top Male Musicians
With his debut single ‘Chasing Time’ out on 19th April Alan Pownall shows us his favourite male singers. There’s a lot of big voices: Elvis, Paul Weller and even Little Richard, this makes for a fun listen. There’s no surprises here, but the inclusion of Tom Petty’s “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” lets you argue with your friends about whether The Red Hot Chilli Peppers intentionally nicked this classy song or not.

One letter, one band, one song
A fun game you could try at home when going through your music collection, as the results here show you can get a wild mix. From old school classics in Zep’s “Stairway to Heaven” and Queen/Bowie’s “Under Pressure” to more modern tunes in Radiohead and The Verve via Kings of Leon, Unkle and Nick Cave. Try it yourself, see what you get and show it off to the world.

Soundtrack to February
The next installment in the series, featuring all the big singles and big tracks of last month. There’s a bit of everything: rock with The Arctic Monkeys, indie with Vampire Weekend, blues with Seasick Steve and then even Haduken! and Enter Shikari. Not everything will appeal to everyone, but you’re sure to find enough to tide you over until next month at least.

A Premo Production
You want ghetto, you got it. There’s everything you could want from the world of Hip Hop. All the big names are present: Jay-Z, Ice-T, Black Eyed Peas, Limp Bizkit and even Janet Jackson. Enjoyable without becoming a self parody like so much hip hop can sometimes be.

Ingrid Fliter’s favourite Chopin – 200th Anniversary playlist
Emi are celebrating 200 years of the Pianist Chopin, and to mark it fellow keys player Ingrid Filter shares her favourite recordings of the great man.
It’s a very relaxed affair, very refrained yet heartfelt, all showcasing the man’s talent. It’s a good excuse to get your gran round and practise the Waltz.

Q Magazine’s Top 50 for March
Q magazine has a wide range of tastes and it’s shown off with this playlist, the absolute highlight is the new Johnny Cash song “Ain’t No Grave”, which is easily as good as the man in black’s cover of “Hurt”. Also included are Hendrix’s ‘new’ song “Valleys Of Neptune” and a host of actually new songs, “Stylo” from the Gorillaz being a highlight. Ke$ha, Goldfrapp, Laura Marling and Quasi make a show and make this one of the best this month.

Those sun-hating blood-suckers are everywhere, and all these songs are taken from Twilight, New Moon, The Lost Boys and True Blood to fit the gothic mood.
Featuring mostly atmospheric rock, this is perfect for those of a slightly gothic nature: Muse, Linkin Park and a dance version of “Don’t Fear The Reaper” are the best on show. The addition of Lynyyrd Skynyrd is slightly confusing though.

Nat’s Feb 2010 playlist
A brief snapshot into someone’s month in music. It’s a decent set with a mix of pop and electro. There’s a lot of Cut Copy’s house electro, and Spoon’s brand of poppy indie breaks it up a bit, along with the awesome funky rock of Bastila,

Electrochoc This is a selection of the songs from the ‘Electrochoc’ radio station from GTA IV. And it’s pretty much what it says on the tin: a range of electro, and if you like to rave, this is perfect. Kavinsky and the Chemical Brothers are the highlight here. Throw in Boy 8-bit in there and you can relive your GTA driving spree dreams on the go with a funky soundtrack.

Miike Snow vs Bloodshy & Avant A short and sweet playlist, showing off the talents of Miike Snow and Bloodshy & Avant. It’s a mix of high profile remixes and solo tracks, this is guaranteed to make you want to go clubbing. The remix of Britney’s “Toxic” and Maroon 5 takes their music to new places and the solo tracks show off real talent, especially “Animal’ and “Black & Blue”. Their dirty grinding grooves are perfect for the nightclubs.


  1. Will you still be posting a Drowned In Sound playlist this month? The last 2 were really good.

  2. This is a great idea for a new feature, and some cool playlists listed too. My favourite is the Electrochoc one, although for me the highlights are Padded Cell, Black Devil Disco Club, and EBM pioneers Nitzer Ebb.

  3. I wish you’d have better implemented new features in the desktop and mobile clients to satisfy your customers needs. There are too many complaints about ignoring essential feature requests and bugfixings in the support forums by now. When will all these issues be addressed FINALLY??? 😦

  4. Now this, I like. A steady feed of well-thought-out playlists is what spotify so needs. When you have so much music in your catalogue (with no accounting for taste), the value is in playlists crafted to introduce you to great music you may not have heard before. Great stuff.


  5. What is wrong with Spotify recently? Every time I connect, I keep losing all the songs i’ve stored offline. Also, when I search for songs online, it takes longer than usual. I’m also experiencing problems trying to listen to songs? As a premium account holder, I expect a lot better. Can you please sort this out. Thank you.

  6. why is it that there are no Led Zepplin songs (at least not originals)on spotify! It’s just one of the greatest bands of all time! I thought if it to be because a record company but it seems it is Sony a partner so no problem or what! There is only some crappy “tribute shit”…

  7. i really think the should put more indian songs on their because i am in bhangra trupe and only 3 of the songs i do are on their