August Beats presented by @thursplay


Our friends at @thursplay have compiled this playlist for August.

First up on this August Beats edition by @thursplay is the single “Now is the start” by A Fine Frenzy from her upcoming 3rd album “Pines” to be released in early October. Find also indie rock band Grizzly Bear with their second released tune “Yet Again” from their upcoming album of same name, to be released in September.

What about Muse’s new album “Madness”? Sure you get a preview of that on this playlist as well! Listen to their new song “Madness”: looking forward to listen to their whole new album?

Still on this playlist: English alternative rock band Band of Skulls with their great new song “Lies” followed by indie/electronic/folktronica band Canon Blue with “Indian Summer (Des Moines)” and by New York City-based rock band Hooray for Earth, who also has a new album out. Listen to their single “True Loves”.

What else? From his latest album “Blunderbuss”, listen to Jack White┬┤s catchy “Missing pieces” song, Imagine Dragons with “My Fault”, Atlas Geniues with “Trojans” from new album “Through the glass”, Angus Stone with “The Wolf & The Bluter”, Seventeen Evergreen with “Polarity Song”, Bat for Lashes with “Laura” from album of same name and more.

What have you listened to the most during this month of August? Let us know by sharing your favorite beats with us on Twitter using the hashtag #thursplay.

Enjoy the playlist!