Chris Anderson’s Free, the first audiobook on Spotify

Wired Editor Chris Anderson has had a great influence on Spotify. His first book, The Long Tail, has been required reading in our office since day one and today we’re extremely excited to be working with him to bring another first to Spotify.

Starting today Chris’ new book, Free: The Future of a Radical Price, will be made available to all UK users.

Personally narrated by Anderson, Free considers a brave new world where the old economic certainties are being challenged by a growing flood of free goods – newspapers, DVDs, T-shirts, phones, even holiday flights. The audiobook supports today’s hardback launch of Free, published by Random House.

This is the first audiobook we’ve ever included in our catalogue. We’re going to trial it, see what people think and who knows, maybe this is the start of something new for us…


  1. I understand there’s legal issues behind the content on Spotify, but as a Premium Member I thought I supported your cause and got content in return. Separation of the net as dictated by suits looks so silly, you might have come out better by biding this announcement until it was available everywhere.

  2. It’s supremely ironic that considering the content of this book it has caused so much discussion about regional restrictions and the crazy paranoia of publishers.

  3. Yes regional restrictions are just plain stupid in this day and age. But hey if the market forces doesn´t want me to be able to consume their products I just ignore them and take mental note for future reference as to which companies should be avoided.

    There are already enough content in the ever-growing spotify-catalouge to last me a lifetime so I don’t sweat much.

  4. Audio books are great, but then you will need to develop a system of bookmarks so we can get to the piece where we left off instead of having to note/remember the exact time in the track etc

    And I love these books, a great idea IMHO

  5. The chapter titles seem to be incorrect from 1-7, as the prologue seems to have offset them.
    Titles are correct from 8 onwards, but does this mean that Chapter “Competing with free” is missing?

  6. There are some free Audio books to be found on the net. Maybe these could be added? For Norwegian spotify users I found some childbooks by Anne-Cath.Vestly: And Torbjørn Egner,and Ole Brum (Winnie the Pooh) I hope more Audio books will be added to Sotify soon. It would be great.

  7. More:
    spotify:album:1wcoWXSf9LiJol5AtUXo9x (learn english)
    spotify:album:1SjT4MynXDYydsfPnYp2U0 (wtf)