Spotify and McAfee – a little mix-up

A little bit of unwanted excitement today when McAfee released an update to their virus definition file. This caused the antivirus software to falsely identify Spotify as a virus. Both Spotify and MacAfee are aware of this problem and they have released an update for their antivirus software.

I can assure you that Spotify is not a virus and contains no virus files, this is simply a misunderstanding on McAfee’s part.

A statement from them says: “This issue will be resolved in an early release of the 5623 DAT today (22nd May, 2009). Your McAfee products will update to this DAT version in the normal way and no additional action is required on your part.” You can also download the latest DAT version directly from their website.

To get Spotify working again, we suggest that you update your virus definition file now, you can normally do this by right clicking the McAfee icon in your system tray and selecting “Update”. If necessary, you can remove Spotify from your quarantine list as described by McAfee.

If you need to reinstall Spotify it is quite easy to do and you can always log in with your existing account, no need to create a new one. You can download the installer from our website if necessary.

We’re really sorry that this happened but we hope everyone can get back up and running in time for a nice weekend.


  1. This is really very frustrating…For 2 weeks now everyday one gets the same message saying it is not working!

    Sad really, as the concept is excellent but it seems like a waste of time…

    I think Spotify need to come clean as to what the real problem is too…Greedy lawyers I presume?