Collaborative playlists

A couple of weeks ago we talked about the excitement of getting music recommendations and inspiration from our friends and our ongoing search for delicious things. I found myself making a kick-ass playlist with house music and sent it to my friend Eric, since he’s my great source of inspiration when it comes to music. […]

Patching MediaWiki for fun and profit

Inspired by Peter Saint-Andre’s blog post, we decided to patch MediaWiki to make it recognize the spotify: URI scheme. (And we threw xmpp: in there as well, because we use it internally for instant messaging.) First we added spotify: and xmpp: lines to the $wgUrlProtocols array in LocalSettings.php: $wgUrlProtocols = array(         ‘http://’,         ‘https://’,         ‘spotify:’,         ‘xmpp:’, […]

Missing sign

Since our last party there is a lost little Spotify sign somewhere out there. I hope it’s in good hands and is handled with love. If the new foster parent sees this, I would be truly happy to see a picture of it’s new home, just to ensure it’s not been harmed… :)

Searching Spotify

One of the core features of Spotify is searching. You just type the name of an artist or a song into the search bar and off you go. Normally that’s all you need to get the Spotify experience: you know, when you think of some music and literally seconds later you’re listening to it. There […]

Spotify Remote

Friendly blogger Jim Carlberg over at Finstilt writes about (in Swedish) a script that he has written for Salling Clicker that lets you control Spotify for Mac from your cell phone. If you want to try it out yourself, go ahead and download Spotify Remote 0.1! Thanks, Jim!