2014 – A Year in Music

It’s time to reflect on another amazing year in music with our Year in Music — our annual round up of what our 50 million users have listened to this year. Join us at spotify.com/2014 as we look back at the key musical milestones of the year and reveal the most streamed artists, tracks, albums, bands, as […]

Introducing Spotify for Brands Video Ads

The world is listening…and now, watching. Spotify for Brands, Spotify’s marketing platform, is launching two new video ad experiences that will now be seen around the world by our 30 million-plus free user base: Sponsored Sessions and Video Takeover. Watch this video to see how they work. Spotify Free users can watch a brand-sponsored video […]

Artists can now list their merchandise on Spotify

We’re excited to announce that, from today, any artist can now list their merchandise within Spotify, for free! In partnership with Topspin, artists will be able to display t-shirts, vinyl, posters, bundles and other merchandise to all of you. There are zero fees or commissions from Spotify or Topspin and artists don’t need to change […]

2013 – Vuosi pähkinänkuoressa

Uskomatonta, että on jo se aika vuodesta. Aika muistella 12:ta mahtavaa musiikkikuukautta. Kelaa taaksepäin ja katso Vuosi pähkinänkuoressa. Lähdetään yhdessä interaktiiviselle seikkailulle halki ajan ja avaruuden – Spotifyn laajasta universumista aina sinun henkilökohtaiseen musiikkivuoteesi. On aihetta juhlaan, sillä tänä vuonna Spotifysta toistettiin musiikkia hämmästyttävät 4,5 miljardia tuntia. Kerrataan artistit ja kappaleet, jotka valloittivat maailman. Osuuteen […]

The Winners of Your Music Moments!

Today, we’re excited to reveal the tracks music fans voted for as the ultimate tunes to get a party started, survive a hangover, get through a Monday, endure a long journey and mend a broken heart, along with the guiltiest pleasure and favourite one hit wonder. Our inaugural Your Music Moments poll was voted for […]

Make Spotify the soundtrack to your summer!

What’s the soundtrack to your summer? Whether you’re looking for some fresh tunes for your road trip or an adventure at the beach – get inspired by our summer calendar! With a fun playlist for every day, you’ll always have a musical accompaniment for whatever you happen to get up to this sunny season! Get […]