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Easy Like Sunday Morning

When was just a kid, Sunday’s were boring. Homework to be done. School’s shadow cast over the day. Nothing to do. Nowhere open. Now we’re all grown up, we can’t get enough of them. Sunday’s are all about good coffee and great food, newspapers and sport; leisurely strolls, a nap, perhaps, and maybe even a drink or two. And good music, of course. With that in mind, we’re endeavouring to give every day that Sunday feeling, with our Easy Like Sunday Morning mixtape. So, which artists encapsulate the perfect Sunday vibe? The Spinners, Commodores, Al Green, Womack & Womack, the Stylistics, Michael Kiwanuka and Average White Band, to name just a handful. This a 47-track mixtape, spanning over six hours, that makes every day a Sunday.

The Soundtrack to August 2013

This month, staple The Soundtrack to is a mixtape of “biblical proportions.” That’s the description from creator >Phil Wilce, and we have to agree. As always, it’s 50 of the best new releases around, taking in almost six hours of music as brilliant as it is eclectic. Wilce recommends “the wondrous, riotous hell of The Amazing Snakeheads, FIDLAR and Parquet Courts,” as well as, “a flood of cuts from what are shaping up to be albums of the year from Disclosure, John Grant, The National and Jagwar Ma.” Favourites in the office include the rat-tat-tat rhymes of Bloc Party’s Ratchet; the irresistible, rock-and-roll riot that is Primal Scream; and the brilliant return of Gold Panda. Brilliant, as always. A genuine must-hear mixtape.

Improbable Banjo

Brilliant. Simply brilliant. This is what is all about: weird, wonderful, creative mixtapes, collections of tracks you wouldn’t hear anywhere else. We’ll hand over to *AJLW to tell you more … “I’ve been collecting songs for a while,” the user says, “which have a sneaky banjo lurking somewhere in the mix, trying to avoid the more obvious bluegrass and country genres. Hope you fall in love with the vibe as much as I have.” We have. No doubts about it. Who’d have ever thought artists such as Nelly Furtado, Pavement, Travis, Prefab Sprout, Joy Kills Sorrow, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Waits would include the humble banjo. Not us. A first-class mixtape. We can’t recommend it highly enough.

Breaking Bad – The Comprehensive Collection (Season 1-5)

Chris Hill has brought together all of the music from the best ñ and unequivocally darkest ñ show on TV today, Breaking Bad. He created this mixtape after swotting up online on the tracks used throughout the programme, incorporating music from seasons one through five. And it’s a cracker. ìEvery song from the show that is available on Spotify,î he says, ìcompiled using various blogs and fan websites and is as comprehensive as you’ll find. Up to date with season five episode eight.î Walt fans. Jessie diehards. Los Pollos Hermanos lovers. This is the mixtape for you. Try, like we have, to name in which episode each of the 88 tracks included here features. As addictive as a bag of blue crystal, but less likely to make your teeth fall out, this is a proper must-hear mixtape for aficionados of what is one of the greatest shows in television history.

Grunts, Groans & Moans

ìFrom the soulful groans of James Brown and Otis Redding,î hoxsd1 says, ìto the lustful moans of Donna Summer and Prince, to the well placed grunts of bands like The Rolling Stones or Rage Against the Machine, these songs capture the raw emotion of music at a primal level.î If that doesn’t get your musical juices flowing going, nothing will. The hall of famer has put together a collection of noises that, no matter how unintelligible they may be, stir the soul, give you goosebumps and make the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention. Sounds by the likes of Marvin Gaye, the Stooges, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, the Smiths, Howlin’ Wolf, Happy Mondays, Beastie Boys, Serge Gainsbourg, the Birthday Party, Sly & the Family Stone and many, many more. The OOOHHHS. THE WAAAHHHSSS. The YEEEAAAWWWSSS. A magic mixtape.

The World’s Most Perfect Pop Songs

We don’t shy away from the big questions, here at Questions like, What does the world’s most perfect pop song sound like? That’s the thinker we’re talking up in this mixtape, the latest creation from the team. Yep. We’ve carefully curated a collection of perfect pop songs from around the world. Over 200 of them, in fact. That’s more than 24 hours of pop perfection. It’s the sun-blushed harmonies of the Beach Boys. It’s the elegy of .Amy Winehouse. It’s the synth-driven genius of Electronic. It’s the lilting tones of Bill Withers. It’s Daft Punk, Supergrass, All Saints and Natalie Imbruglia. It’s Robbie Williams, Van Morrison, Primal Scream and Elbow. It’s a collection of artists as eclectic as it is infectious. It is, quite simply, the greatest collection of pop music in the world.

Not Another Hipster Playlist

Hipster mixtapes: you love them, we love them, Vince Chiaramonte loves them. Very much aware of their ubiquity, the user has knowingly titled his latest creation Not Another Hipster Playlist. ‘A little indie goodness,’ is how he describes it. A lot of indie goodness is how we describe it. Over 50 tracks of audio nourishment, in fact, spanning almost six glorious hours. It’s a deft mix of new, not-that-new and old, the unifying theme being a commitment to top-drawer music. Our recommendations include tracks by the Black Keys, Vampire Weekend and alt-J, Jose Gonzalez, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros and Fitz and the Tantrums. But it’s a playlist of real quality throughout, so click shuffle, hit play and see what you discover.

Fantasia: New Classical Chill

Is that really you, Reggie Prim? Is everything okay? Are you feeling alright? The user is our undisputed heavyweight champion of the underground electronic music mixtape. This is unequivocal fact. With that in mind, his latest creation came as something of surprise to the team ñ albeit a very, very pleasant surprise. Fantasia: New Classical Chill is, in Prim’s words, ‘Selections from recent classical releases to help soothe the mind and mend frayed nerves.’ It’s a change of pace for the user who’s normally raising heart rates with deep and driving house and techno, but one we welcome. Our advice? Kick your shoes off, click shuffle, hit play, sit back, relax and unwind. A superb playlist by one of our most dextrous users.

Great Themes

It’s a classic barroom question: what is your all-time favourite theme tune? This is something Music Dynamite has put some serious consideration into. The result is this playlist ñ simply entitled, Great Themes. ‘The best (also my favourite) themes,’ says the user, ‘from movies and TV, that have ever been composed. Some epic, some beautiful, all fantastic to listen to.’ Our favourite? It’s a tossup between: Duuun dun de duun duun, duun duun duun, duun dun de dun duuun, DUN DE DUUUUUN!, and Da duuuuun, duuun, da duun duun duun duuun, da da duun de duun de duun de daa, daaa, de duun duun duun daaa, da da da da da da DAAAAA DA! Both of which feature here, alongside over eight hours of classic theme tunes. Super stuff.

The Best Remixes of 2013

It’s been a great year for new music, and arguably an even better one for great remixes. One user has had the foresight to put them all together in one, continuously updated mixtape. So far, it stands at a whopping 300+ tracks. That’s hours upon hours of the best remixes, reedits, reworkings, cutups, mashups and club mixes the past 12 months has to offer. It features a stellar lineup of artists such as Hot Chip, Blue Foundation, Trails and Ways, Wave Machines, Milwaukee and the Deers, with the likes of JD Twitch, Sun Glitter, the Seshen, James Yuill, Amtrac and Dwid on remix duty. Some of the remixes featured here, in fact, dare we say, in our humble opinion, are even better than the originals. But we’re not saying which ones. This playlist is updated regularly, remember, so don’t forget to subscribe.