#MusicMonday – La chronique d’Edouard du 15 Juillet

L’été est là et déploie chaque jour un peu plus son ciel azur et son soleil étincelant. La chaleur sera pour les uns dynamisante et pour les autres soporifique. Trouver la musique idéale entre survoltage et léthargie s’avère alors être un véritable casse-tête. Pour tenter de coller à votre tension artérielle, les musiques seront ni […]

Windows Phone 8 update

Calling all Windows Phone 8 users! Be sure to check out our latest and greatest Spotify update here. The update increases the overall speed and quality of the app. Now you can get your music on the move faster than ever. Head on over, upgrade and stream away.  

Last month we asked our users to tell us why they loved Spotify and use the hashtag #Ilovespotifybecause. The outpouring created a global trend on Twitter, with some awesome reasons for why it’s great to be on Spotify. It was amazing to hear so many great stories from our fans about how they use Spotify […]

iOS 0.7.1 is now released

Great news for iOS fans – our latest iOS app is here with some fantastic new features and improvements. Get the low-down on all the updates here: New: Ever find yourself wondering what to play on Spotify? Introducing the new Discover experience on iPhone. (Coming soon to everyone.) New: A shiny, new Now Playing view, […]

Sonidos de junio por How Pop Is Now?

¿Quién dijo que este año no habría verano? En How Pop Is Now? no sabemos si tan agoreras predicciones meteorológicas se cumplirán, pero sí que podemos afirmar que los próximos meses llegan cargados de temazos que bailaremos en más de un festival. Y una de las que está en la pole position es la que […]