Rekords Rekords playlist and early releases

Frontman Josh Homme: There’s no ulterior motive at this label, no overbearing corporate machine, middleman or pressure to conform. Just art in its purest form. As Josh sees it, “now is a great time to make music for the sake of making music. Single, shmingle, just make a fucking piece of art.”

Here you can listen to the first three Rekords Rekords releases. Firstly, the much sort after and quite rare QOTSA debut, re-released in all its remastered glory. Also featured are first signings Alain Johannes and Mini Mansions.

Spark is Johannes’ first solo debut after being a longstanding collaborator with artists including QOTSA, Mark Lanegan and Desert Sessions . Here, he pays tribute to his late wife and creative partner Natasha Shneider with an honest and heartfelt collection of songs. “The rollercoaster of Spark’s fragile beauty is the reason I started playing music”, says Homme , “some things that can’t be explained with words. This record is such a great example of what cannot be said but what is so true.” Spark is available on Spotify Premium from 30th of May and for all users on June 6th.

Also present is the Mini Mansions debut, also available onSpotify Premium from 30th of May and for all users on June 6th. Mini Mansions is a project started by Michael Shuman while on a break from Queens of the Stone Age. He melded heads with longtime friends Tyler Parkford and Zach Dawes in a dusty room in the San Fernando Valley and it was born. Shuman describes it as “completely different than anything that’s coming out right now and it’s something very special.”

Spotify Premium exclusive – My Morning Jacket’s Circuital

My Morning Jacket are back with their much-anticipated new album: “Circuital” and we are happy to announce it is available to listen exclusively on Spotify Premium alongside of a playlist compiled by front man Jim James.

“The new record, Circuital, is named after the title song,” explains Jim James, of My Morning Jacket’s sixth studio album. “On that song I sing about ending up in the same place where you started out. And that makes a lot of sense for this album… I hate the phrase ‘going back to our roots’, but for this record we came home and made it in Kentucky. And it just felt a lot like it did when we were first starting out…”

Spotify Premium exclusive – The Black Lips’ Arabia Mountain

Founding fathers of Atlanta’s “flower punk” movement The Black Lips are set to release Arabia Mountain, their sixth full-length album, June 6th on longtime label Vice Records/Cooperative Music available now exclusively on Spotify Premium.

Arabia Mountain was recorded between Brooklyn and Atlanta over the last few months of 2010 and with the collaborative assistance of celebrated DJ and producer Mark Ronson, Lockett Pundt of Deerhunter, and a human skull with a microphone jammed into it.

Arabia Mountain also marks the first time the Lips have worked with an outside producer. Mark Ronson, best known for his production work with the likes of Nas, Adele, Kaiser Chiefs, Duran Duran, Lily Allen, and Amy Winehouse.

Update to Spotify for iPhone & iPod Touch now available

We have an update to our popular iOS app to let you know about. This update is version 0.4.13 and includes a number of improvements and features, including a brand new swipe action.

The full list of improvements and features includes:

  • Improved: Sync your playlists even if Spotify is running in the background.
  • New: Play queue. Queued tracks will play immediately following the currently playing track. After all the queued tracks have played, the playlist or album you were playing from before will resume.
  • New: You can now swipe left-to-right on a track (in a playlist, album or search result) to reveal a menu of actions for that track. [iOS 3.2 or newer] The possible actions are:
    • Star or unstar the track.
    • Add the track to the play queue.
    • Share the track to friends.
    • Add the track to a playlist.
    • Show the track’s album.
    • Show the track’s artist.
  • Fixed: Sharing tracks and albums to Facebook is now possible again.

Enjoy the update!

The sounds of May courtesy of provides us with their latest installment monthly playlists. Be sure to also check out their recently launched iPad app, making discovering playlists more fun than ever!

90’s Indie
To celebrate the release of Upside Down: The Creation Records Story on DVD and Blu Ray, we’ve teamed up with Sony CMG UK to give away three CD copies of the incredible original soundtrack. Click here to find out how, and to listen to their amazing playlist inspired by the movie.

May 2011 – Acid Jazz Hispano

Our monthly round-up wouldn’t be complete without checking out the tunes provided by our friends over at Acid Jazz Hispano. Their taste is exemplary, as always, as they take us on an eclectic journey through everything from jazz and funk, to soul and house, through hip-hop and disco. Our favourites from this month’s edition include: Jurassic 5, Missy Elliott, Mos Def, Jill Scott, Van Morrison, Alcohol Jazz, Mr Scruff, St Germain, The Herbaliser and Cannonball Adderley.

L.A. Noire Radio Songs

L.A. Noire is the latest release from Rockstar to get gamers in a tizz. It’s garnered rave reviews from the press as a watershed moment in console history – and the music is pretty decent to. Check out this playlist for all the music from the game, artists such as T-Bone Walker, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. The game also stars Ken Cosgrove, Mad Men fans. Sadly, he doesn’t feature on this playlist.


Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi presentan Rome un extraordinario álbum junto a Jack White y Norah Jones.

Rome nace de la pasión por las bandas sonoras del cine clásico italiano, se ha grabado en analógico con las mismas técnicas de los años dorados 60 y 70, con muchos de los músicos que tocaron en las versiones originales y con la colaboración de Jack White y Norah Jones.

Para celebrar el lanzamiento de uno de los discos más ambiciosos, con un sonido único. Sorteamos 5 vinilos firmados por los integrantes de este proyecto, una edición limitada y de coleccionistas de este álbum inquietante y hermoso a la vez.

Para ganarlo, sólo has de ser usuario Premium de Spotify, pinchar en el botón “like” de Facebook que aparece en esta noticia y dar tu propia definición de “Rome”, el nuevo álbum de Danger Mouse y Daniele Luppi junto a Jack White y Norah Jones.

Mucha suerte y bienvenido a ROME!

Spotify Premium – Suede Re-Mastered Albums Pre-Release & Playlist

Fresh from a stint of live shows at Brixton Academy, London performing their first 3 albums in their entirety, 90s band Suede are re-releasing all five of their studio albums. The releases include their self titled album– dubbed “best debut album of 1993” by NME in 2010- as well as “Dog Man Star”, “Coming Up”, “Head Music” and “A New Morning”, collectively containing fourteen UK Top 20 singles.

Demon Music Group and Edsel Records, have put together the five albums in deluxe editions with the help of all current band members and Bernard Butler (the original guitarist and pianist). These deluxe editions include the non-album b-sides, demos from the band members together with previously unreleased song. It’s a can’t-miss experience for all Suede fans!

Alongside the deluxe editions, the Original albums have been re-mastered and are made available with two bonus B-side tracks.

Suede release re-mastered, expanded versions of their studio albums, one per week starting with debut Suede on 30th May. Listen to the albums exclusively one week ahead of their nationwide release on all 5 original albums on Spotify Premium. There is a special exclusive Spotify playlist that has been selected by the band.

Escucha ya el nuevo álbum de Lady Gaga “Born This Way”. En exclusiva para los usuarios Premium.

La cuenta atrás ha terminado – Born This Way ya está aquí! A partir de ahora todos los usuarios de Spotify Premium en Suecia, Noruega. Holanda, Finlandia y España pueden escuchar en primicia el nuevo álbum “Born This Way” antes de su lanzamiento mundial el lunes 23 de mayo.

Los usuarios Premium pueden escuchar el álbum haciendo click aquí.

Los usuarios no Premium también pueden escuchar el álbum “Born This Way” apuntándose a la prueba gratuita de Spotify Premium de 7 días.

Y además para celebrarlo todos los fans de Lady Gaga pueden participar en el concurso y ganar 2 invitaciones para “Little Monster Awards” de Lady Gaga en Paris el próximo mes de Junio. Este increíble premio incluye vuelo, alojamiento y entradas para el exclusivo evento con Lady Gaga – pero tranquilos, hay tiempo! Podéis participar hasta el domingo 29 de mayo en

Podéis escuchar los singles “Born This Way”, “Judas” y “The Edge of Glory” y más música de Lady Gaga en Spotify.

Maldita Nerea comienza su gira Fácil presentando en directo su nuevo disco, que ya puedes escuchar en Spotify

Maldita Nerea comienza su gira Fácil presentando en directo su nuevo disco, que ya puedes escuchar en Spotify

¿Quieres vivir un día de gira junto a Maldita Nerea? ¿Te gustaría conocerles, ir en la furgo con ellos, estar presente en las entrevistas que hagan, asistir a las pruebas de sonido y ver el concierto desde un lugar privilegiado con tu backstage?

Pues te lo ponemos muy FÁCIL. Sigue los pasos que te ponemos a continuación y podrás formar parte del equipo de gira de Maldita Nerea en un concierto:

1. Si no lo eres aún, pásate a cuenta Premium de Spotify
2. En la edición exclusiva del nuevo disco de Maldita Nerea en Spotify, encontrarás la versión karaoke de una de las canciones del disco, “El error”.
3. Grábate un vídeo cantando tu propia versión de esta canción.
4. La realización del vídeo es libre, sólo dos condiciones: que en algún momento aparezca el disco Fácil y que no participéis más de dos personas en un mismo vídeo.
5. Una vez que tengas el vídeo, súbelo a Youtube.
6. Copia la url/link de tu vídeo de Youtube y pégala en los comentarios de este post del blog de Spotify.
7. Tienes hasta el 31 de mayo a las 23.59h para hacer todo lo anterior!
8. Un jurado compuesto por Maldita Nerea, Darlalata Entertainment y Sony Music elegirá al ganador o ganadora, que anunciaremos el jueves 2 de junio.
9. El ganador o ganadora formará parte del equipo de Maldita Nerea en el concierto más próximo a su lugar de residencia (ver fechas de la Gira Fácil en
10. Fácil, verdad? Mucha suerte!

– Para participar debes ser mayor de edad.
– El ganador asumirá los posibles gastos derivados de su desplazamiento hasta el lugar del concierto así como también los gastos de alojamiento en caso de que precise pasar la noche fuera de casa.

Te Animas A Vivir Una Experiencia Única Con David Guetta?

¡En Spotify te damos la oportunidad!

Vueling, Cathy y David Guetta te presentan el avión “Fly Me I’m Famous”!

Con motivo del lanzamiento del nuevo disco de David Guetta y del opening de su fiesta F*** Me I’m Famous en Pachá Ibiza el próximo 26 de Mayo, te invitamos a vivir una experiencia inolvidable.

No te pierdas la oportunidad de ganar un viaje para ti y un acompañante a Ibiza en el avión “Fly Me I’m Famous” donde disfrutarás de una sesión única de David Guetta en directo durante el vuelo!!

Además, ganarás un par de tickets para la apertura de la sesión “F*** Me I’m Famous” de esta temporada en la discoteca Pachá y podrás disfrutar de una noche de alojamiento en el exclusivo hotel Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel.

Y te estarás preguntando… ¿Qué tengo que hacer para participar?

Pues es muy sencillo, lo primero de todo dar al “like” en este post. Lo segundo ser usuario Premium de Spotify (si no lo eres ya… a qué estás esperando?!) y por último contesta a este post diciéndonos “Por qué has de ser tu el ganador que vuele con Guetta a su fiestón en Ibiza!”

Contactaremos con el ganador el 23 de Mayo. Mucha suerte y a disfrutar de lo nuevo de David Guetta, Where Them Girls At.