Get into the mood with our Valentine’s Day playlists

Monday is Valentine’s Day and to ensure that you have enough music for an entire weekend of romance we’ve compiled a series of playlists from our label friends.

Also don’t forget to check out our Valentine’s Day e-cards which are the perfect gift alongside flowers and chocolate.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Why’nt consider to cut the price of the subscription for this offer equal like what a chocolate ask is cost – Spotify is green, healty alternative of gift to bring to you true mate than a pinch of candy, and the benefit is that this “candy” doesn’t end, and can be healthy as it can be a perfect tool to hold on their workouts.

  2. or listen to “mark’s sex tunes” – don’t even know the guy but the playlist is awesome and has become quite well known 😀

  3. @ drsounds: I could go for a Valentine’s Day discount! =D
    @ ga8: the link doesn’t work on my phone, any chance of putting the link to the playlist instead?
    @ marraco84: that’s an awesome playlist right there!

  4. @ ga8: yours is pretty sweet too! Love that you picked some classic songs together with (relatively) lesser-known stuff. And a big thank you, I didn’t hear The Rolling Stones’ version of How Strong My Love Is, it’s awesome. And I can’t believe I haven’t listened to Richard Ashcroft for so long! Neil Young’s great. OutKast double album is a masterpiece. *sigh* If only I liked only one artist or band, it would save me so much time…

  5. Take a listen to my valentines compilation: spotify:user:kiomuk:playlist:2QIIiyyCg3ukAZCFCfb2x1

  6. Valentines day or not I am sorry to say What have you done to get ECM to stay ? / or what did you do that made them leave ?

  7. How about getting the week’s new releases up a bit earlier? Your competitors on We7 have the new Mogwai up already…

  8. soy nueva en esto y no se como se hace para oir la música me podeis ayudar por favor,os lo agradecería.

  9. hey the spotify staff playlist was awesome (valentines day by spotify staff) but its disappeared- any chance of a link?