Spotify – muy pronto en tu Squeezebox más cercana

Nos complace anunciar que hemos aunado fuerzas con Logitech para llevar Spotify a tu Squeezebox Touch y Squeezebox Radio.

Para aquellos que no conozcan Squeezebox, recomendamos encarecidamente que consulten sus sensacionales sistemas inalámbricos de música. Los reproductores Squeezebox Touch y Squeezebox Radio utilizan la red doméstica existente para transmitir música por toda la casa. Squeezebox es fácil de usar y se puede ampliar fácilmente añadiendo más reproductores Squeezebox a otras habitaciones, como la cocina, el dormitorio o el patio.

Gracias a nuestra nueva aplicación, podrás acceder a nuestro completo catálogo con más de diez millones de canciones y a todas tus listas de reproducción desde cualquier lugar de tu casa.

La aplicación Spotify estará disponible en un futuro próximo para los suscriptores de Spotify Premium a través del sitio de aplicaciones MySqueezebox de Logitech. Sin embargo, si sencillamente no puedes esperar a tener la aplicación y quieres que Spotify transmita música de forma inalámbrica por todo tu hogar desde ya, accede a la versión beta.


  1. Well, it’s fine that SB Duet users can use the third party Spotify plugin, but unfortunately the plugin is only working on Intel or AMD-based processors! I have a Synology 209+II so I’m out of that game 😦

    When will it be possible for me to play Spotify via SB Duet?

  2. It’s actually possible to use Spotify with other Squeezeboxes, with the unofficial 3rd party plug-in (found in the web settings for squeezebox server). Some of the staff at Logitech seem to suggest it was Spotify’s suggestion to only officially support the Radio and Touch.

  3. I bought my Squeezebox Touch a little over a week ago and was delighted to learn about the option to run Spotify. I was already trialling Spotify Premium so I downloaded the Beta software straightaway. I’m now streaming Spotify on my touch and can confirm that it works very well.

  4. Why it must been a touch phone too get spotify on mobile phone???? 😦 That’s too bad!!

  5. When can I expect the full version? It would be nice when I don’t have to use my pc anymore.



  6. This is very good news — after ‘Squeezebox’ and ‘Sonos’ I’d love to see Spotify on the ‘Raumfeld’ as soon as possible. This would be seriously amazing!

  7. As others have suggested, Spotify on the squeezebox should really be part of the Unlimited subscription.
    Paying an extra £5 a month on top of the unlimited version to stream to a Squeezebox device is not good value for money – especially if you’re not interested in the mobile option. Why are we being forced to pay for the full mobile service?

    Come on guys, you know it makes sense – there is a good market opportunity to up-sell to a large number of people with these devices, who will be more than happy to take up the Unlimited subscription (myself included). £10 is too much!

  8. Great job. I own a boom and a baby(radio), too bad it wont work on the boom as i just bought onr. guess i have to use the 3rd party plugin until spotify/logitech sorts things out. Glad that you are working on it though

  9. All though SB Duet is not supportet I have now for a couple of weeks succesfully used this software on my Duet. I have the latest SB server on and Spotify works without any problems. Just try it 🙂

  10. I can not believe that deezer works in Blomm and spotify doesnt….
    how long will we need to wait until it comes out?