Spotify hace su debut en Windows Phone

Hemos estado trabajando constantemente para hacer disponible Spotify en más dispositivos móviles, y tenemos a un nuevo miembro en la familia que te queremos presentar. Hace unas horas en un evento en la Real Universidad Politécnica de Estocolmo, nuestro CEO Daniel Ek, junto con Steve Ballmer de Microsoft, hicieron el anuncio de que Spotify está ahora disponible para los móviles con Windows Mobile 6.x.

Durante los meses pasados hemos estado trabajando de la mano con Microsoft para desarrollar la aplicación de Spotify para Windows Mobile, y hemos preparado un video para que puedas echarle un vistazo a sus principales características.

La lista completa de características de Spotify para Windows Mobile incluye:

  • Busca, explora y reproduce millones de canciones
  • Streaming mediante WiFi o 2.5/3G – Todas tus listas de reproducción están disponibles
  • Listas de reproducción sin conexión (Offline) – Escucha música sin tener que estar conectado a Internet
  • Sincronización al instante – Cualquier canción que añadas aparece tanto en el móvil como en el ordenador.
  • Pestaña de “What’s New” (Novedades)
  • Canciones destacadas – Elige todas tus canciones favoritas para tenerlas en una lista especial

Y un último aviso – también tenemos el placer de publicar que Spotify estará disponible próximanente para los móviles Windows Phone 7, y podemos adelantarles que, por lo que hemos visto, será fantástico.


  1. Have just purchased HTC HD7 and it rocks.. just need Spotify for it or else will need to take advantage of a Zune Pass… come on Spotify.

  2. Anothter vote for a WP7 application from a premium subscriber with a WP7 Phone.
    Windows phone 7 works really well and is replacing Windows Mobile 6 the comming year. No more new WM6.5 phones.

  3. I successfully installed Spotify on my HTC Touch Diamond2, even though it’s not officially supported. It works well, but the volume keeps resetting down to about 10%. This is incredibly annoying! I would really appreciate if you fixed this bug.

  4. Come on, you and Microsoft told us that we’d have the spotify for WP7 on launch, its been over 2 months! Dont make me purchase a zune pass.

  5. Here is the answer I got from spotify support:

    “Hi! Thank you for your e-mail! Unfortunately, I can not say when the Windows Phone 7 client will be released. Keep an eye on our blog for all future platform and feature releases. Best,Felix–Spotify support team”

  6. One of the reasons I got WP7, read it would have Spotify app. saw that was in OCT thought should be out by now, how i was wrong. You can have my money Spotify… when you get that app out not a day earlier 😛 please hurry 🙂

  7. Been trying out my 14-day Zune Pass trial on my new WP7, but am really hoping the Spotify app is available as soon as the trial ends. Wishful thinking? Spotify, you have 13 days 😛

  8. So the wp7 client was announced over 6 months ago now.. And still nothing, not even any information on what the delay is? Come on guys, put us out of our misery..

  9. Oink!
    Windwos Phone is not Windows Mobile… Epic Fail No. 1! 😉
    Wrong ad in the Spotify Player… Epic Fail No. 2!

    No Version for the Windows Phone, still waiting and hoping!

  10. Dear Team-Spotify, to add to the long list of eager WP7-Spotify-hopefuls, can you shed some light onto; any indication whatsoever; when we can expect this to come out? pretty, pretty please? I am considering to cancel my premium subscription and wait until it’s out. Thank you!

  11. Hey Spotify,

    The Windows Phone 7 is out for about half a year now and still no Spotify client for WP7? I assume Spotify rates itself as a major service? The why still no client?

  12. Has development on a WP7 client been cancelled? Apparently you have developers working on the fruity iOS client instead, so making the announcement 6 months ago that Spotify will be available on WP7 makes one wonder…

  13. Knock, knock: Spotify, can you update the status on WP 7? Just a status would be nice (however Spotify on WP 7 would of course be nicer).

  14. @irishreid thanks for the link. Great to finally see the app working and coming in the future.

    @Spotify I’ve been getting majorly annoyed with the Spotify Audio ads stating that the app was already available, when it’s not. Anyway, well done on getting there eventually, but next time don’t go silent on us for 6 months!