Interactive audio novel from Hurts

Hurts and Manchester novelist Joe Stretch have created a wonderfully unique experience on Spotify in which you get to play the protagonist.

Narrated by actress Anna Friel, ‘Don’t Let Go’ is an interactive audio novel which utilises Spotify in a completely new and unexpected way. Each chapter of the novel has been published as a track on Spotify, and can be located by typing a unique code into the search field.

After listening to each chapter of the story you’ll be offered a choice of what to do next, along with the unique code for each action. Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to stop arch villain Guy Lockhart from distributing his heartbreak cocktail and condemning humankind forever to a loveless, empty existence.

Along the way you’ll also hear extracts of music from Hurts’ brand new album “Happiness”. If you manage to get to one of the story’s eleven possible endings without dying, you’ll be rewarded with an exclusive preview of an album track. So choose wisely…


  1. Just got a song. Failed twice first though. This is awesome, cleverest ad I’ve seen in a long time 🙂

  2. That is AMAZING! I LOVED IT! Though I did die in a dream and get shot in the head then burned a load of books I heard a cool song! =D This was great! Thanks Spotify!

  3. The unique code is… the artist name?! Gah, must remember to disable scrobbling first.

    Nice concept though.

  4. I’m having one problem with this. Warning… this is a bit of a spoiler.

    Search for track M3R1. Your options are to either “Listen to the walkman ” or “Take Dido for a walk.” To me, the first option sounds like the code is B4F7… but that track doesn’t exist. The second option, “P8Y8” works no problem. Can someone else PLEASE listen to M3R1 and tell me if I’m getting the first option wrong??

    I’ve kept track of every possible version of the story you can go through. I uncovered 13 unique tracks with songs in them, but I’m not sure if some of the songs are repeated.

    Fun stuff!!


    Here’s a playlist containing every possible track (except the one mentioned above… which I’ll add as soon as I actually find it, along with any tracks that are exclusive to that storyline)

  6. How can it be that fragment A7S7 is not available where I live? Tried to play it on dan_klimuk’s playlist and that’s the result..

  7. agree with dan_klimuk! Can’t find B4F7! i don’t want to take dido for a walk if don’t want to! lol

  8. I would love to know what is the score in the track called “Evelyn” (B1W8). It is awesome, just like Hurts’ record! Thanks

  9. Wow, this is brilliant! 😀 Just found the end, and it wasn’t what I expected. The story is confusing, but it’s worth the song at the end! ^_^

  10. Probably the most fun ad I’ve ever come across. Held my intrigue all the way. Reminded me of ‘interactive books’ of my childhood. Good work on original marketing 🙂

  11. For some reason 2 of the soundtracks are not available for me.
    These tracks are J7M4 and A7S7. Could anybody tell me what the reason would be for this?

  12. I know that this topic have nothing to do with this. But please Spotify Staff if you read this… Can you take away that fucking stupid comercial where you can hear a dude kissing someone, It’s for swedish users that dosen’t have premium. All annoying nothing else.

  13. “This track is not available in your country”. It sucks!
    How sad is that ? I feels like arriving 2 minutes late at a shop on a saturday evening.
    Good incentive for illegal downloading though.

  14. j_aulin – if you listen to “Carol” (M3R1) now, you’ll notice that they’ve taken out the option to listen to the Walkman (it’s obvious because the music goes silent for a bit). So it seems like B4F7 will never be available.

    Good job on the tree by the way! You should make it a little higher quality though, as when I zoom in close enough to read, it looks blurred.

  15. Wheres the bloody happy ending xD the gymnasts doesnt give you back evelyn :< It just makes me sad :<

  16. I found this through an advert… I just got to a song and thought I should google this interactive story on spotify. Here I am.

    I have to say though, I’m very impressed, it’s a genius idea! 🙂 I love things like this, especially when I’m really not expecting them! Curiosity did not, however, kill the cat! I really got in to it, and I’m going to carry on playing now! I’m going to choose to NOT sell my soul for that casio keyboard now haha. Let’s see what happens! 😀

    Congratulations on this ingenious bit of marketing! 🙂

  17. @Paul237: I’ll look into that. Really weird if that’s the case. Makes me wonder what ‘s so secret (or bad) that it got cut. 🙂

    I did the tree in LovelyCharts, and they have a resolution limit on export. I’m working on remaking it with GraphViz – that way I can export to SVF and have unlimited zoom (though it might not look as pretty). I’ll post a link when it’s done.

  18. Really like the voice of Anna Friel. This audio-game is exciting, mysterious and plain funny at times. You made it! Congratulations

  19. @j_aulin – I’d say they either never actually recorded the walkman segment (must be hard keeping track of all the chapters), or there was an issue with linking the segment back to the story. Also good to hear about GraphViz. 🙂

    @ubuntu-linux-user – I really like Anna Friel, but I wish she’d sort out the way she pronounces “love”!

  20. @Superjenn: There’s no clear winning ending. There are degrees of success in different areas in every ending.

  21. I’ve added GraphViz graphs to the drop now. Have a look at the SVG or PNG images, or the GraphViz DOT file for the code.

    If I’ve missed anything, please tell me.

  22. Have anyone come across something like this interactive audio novel before? Maybe there is a world of exiting interactive audio games, without me knowing it..?