Spotify for iPhone – new update

Today we’ve got some more good news for iPhone owners. Spotify’s iPhone app has been given a further update and is now available in the App Store. Enhancements in the update include:

  • Share tracks and playlists via SMS (iOS 4 only)
  • Spotify Twitter posts added to the News Feed
  • New high-resolution icon for iPhone 4
  • Pressing the “prev” button skips to the start of a track, even if you’re playing the first track
  • The “restore” message no longer appears when in airplane mode
  • Fixed a crash some users experienced with the What’s New tab
  • Fixed an issue with inbox not updating with new tracks in certain cases


The Spotify team.


  1. dont know if anyone can help me with this, when im listening to a song on spotify, i cant lock it and still listen to it? When for weeks ive been able to do that! i listen to music when on the motorbike, it just doesnt continue to play now when i lock it? please help

  2. Could you please tell me how to delete a playlist on the iPhone app without having to sync with my Mac? I know it’s possible on the Android app.

  3. Scrobbling often doesn’t work when you’re using Spotify offline. Is that because you need an Internet connection for it to work? Anyway, it doesn’t – often just one song off an album, if that.

    Also, I would love the “related artists” or “similar artists” function on the mobile version. I use it on the mobile as much as on the laptop, even at home, but a lot of my discoveries can only happen on the PC. Is that even possible?

  4. @shima – Offline scrobbling? You would need Spotify in Online Mode to scrobble I think. The whole idea of Offline Mode is to stop the Spotify app using the internet all together – in circumstances such as high data usage fees.

  5. When are you designing spotify mobile app for Blackberry??!?!! I want to join in the fun!

  6. @ joeljkennedy
    Yes, but as others mentioned, it could queue played songs to scrobble them the next time you’re online.

  7. Pour quand un equalizeur sur spotify???Régler sa musique c’est tout de même indispensable!!!

  8. I’ve heard that it’s posible to have spotify running while your useing other program (multitasking) with iphone 3G but you think that the phone Will be to slow. I know i wouldn’t care, i want multitasking on 3G to!

  9. Just now registered (free) on here, but couldn’t find any bar and anywhere on here that allows me to search for music/artists. Could any one help?

  10. Please fix issue with being able to disable shuffle. We do pay 9.99 after all and can’t play an album from beginning to end. Thanks

  11. @dsm75 – you can disable shuffle by taping the “i” icon and then turning off.

  12. would it be possible to get spotify to work with TomTom? it would be awesome to be able to change tracks while you are in the navigation mode.

    right now it only works with the ipod application…

  13. Ever since updating to this new version ( my played tracks have not been scrobbling to my account.
    I have checked that scrobbling is enabled, I have doubled checked my username/password combo and I am running in online mode. But my profile isn’t showing any scrobbles coming though! 😦

  14. Ignore my comments above about scrobbles not working… its literally just started working again. Must of my an error at or something to do with me playing around with the settings trying to get it working again! works fine now. 🙂

  15. Just got an iPad, but I cant seem to be able to listen to tunes while I’m using safari… Can anyone help?

  16. Is there any scope to make a java version of spotify mobile so that it works on more phones?

  17. I have a Nokia 5530, and it says that I have to update my spotify to do something online, but then I CANT UPDATE BECAUSE I HAVE A NOKIA NOT IPHONE, so I cant do anything online… FIX IT

  18. Sounds nice but the iPad needs it’s own app…. Just saying. Great work though guys!

  19. We need a dedicated iPad app with 4.2 multitasking, play controls and airplay…. gogogo already!