New Alicia Keys album to debut exclusively on Spotify

12x Grammy Award winner, Alicia Keys, is releasing her highly anticipated fourth studio album, The Element of Freedom, later this month. We’re excited to announce that starting Monday, December 7th, Spotify users will be able to stream the album in full, a week before the release.

For a taste of what to expect from the album, check out the great new single, Doesn’t Mean Anything.

Alicia has also put together a playlist of her Top 10 favourite songs and a second playlist with her full collection of songs.

Along with the pre-release we have some great ticket giveaways for Spotify Premium users in each of our launch countries.

  • In the UK we have three pairs of tickets to the exclusive launch party on 9th December in London at secret location.
  • In France we have two tickets for a concert in May or June of 2010.
  • In Spain we have two tickets for a showcase in January.
  • In both Sweden & Norway we have two tickets for gig in London at O2 arena May 26, 2010. Flights and hotel will be paid for courtesy of Sony.
  • In Finland we have two tickets to a concert performance in Finland or Europe in 2010. Flights and hotel will be paid for by Sony if the concert is outside of Finland.

To win tickets, leave a comment here on the blog with the country you’re in and a explanation why we should pick you to see Alicia live and we’ll choose winners next week. And remember, you need to have a premium subscription in order to win – sign up here and you can enter the competition.

French summary: Le quatrième album d’Alicia Keys, The Element of Freedom, sortira le 11 décembre, mais vous pourrez l’écouter en intégralité sur Spotify cinq jours avant sa sortie – à partir du lundi 7 décembre !

Alicia a également créé une liste de lecture avec quelques uns de ses titres préférés et une autre avec toute sa discographie.

Ce n’est pas tout ! Nous avons quelques places de concert à faire gagner aux utilisateurs Spotify Premium. En ce qui concerne la France, deux places sont à gagner pour le prochain concert d’Alicia Keys prévu en mai ou juin 2010. Pour gagner, laissez-nous un commentaire ici même sur le blog nous disant pourquoi vous devriez être choisi et nous désignerons le ou la gagnant(e) la semaine prochaine. N’oubliez pas que vous devez être membre Premium pour gagner – abonnez-vous à Spotify Premium et participez au concours.

Update: All the winners of the concert tickets have been picked and notified, congrats Otto. 😉


  1. Because the tickets would be the best possible b-day present for my wife! (Finland)

  2. I’m a huge fan of Alicia Keys and this concert is only a few weeks after I turn thirty years old. It would be an amazing birthday present to be able to see her perform live! I live in Sweden 🙂

  3. My wife is a big fan of Alicia and it would be a great trip. I live in Sweden.

  4. Jeg bor i Norge og har “alltid” vært en sucker for Alicia. Å få sett henne LIVE ville være sjef, særlig i London! Uansett bor jeg i Norge, og har allerede hørt gjennom “The Element of Freedom” en haug med ganger – råbra skive. Enda bedre er førslippen på Spotify! Ingen unskyldning for å droppe Premium lenger, jeg tror jeg er litt forelsket i dere! WE LOVE MUSIC.

  5. Finland calling! I am a massive fan of classic 60s/70s soul, and Alicia is one of the few modern R&B artists who I like. She was great at Pori Jazz a few years back.


    Spotify, please pick me for the concert of Alicia Keys in France, it will be for me the occasion to dress me all in green from shoes to hairs, and fix her all the concert long…

    She will be unsettled by my strange color and my incredible beauty and charm, and will improvise a song only for me while she will be looking at me…

    After the concert, if I win this place, it will be for me the occasion to speak with her, and to say her, that she will have the privilege to know me and speak with me a bit more only if she offer me a free ticket concert for all the Spotify team for her next gigs!!

    because of my green charm and lovely green smell, she will accept, and in the end, all the spotify team will win a free ticket gigs for Alicia Keys!!!!!!!!!!

    Incredible!!!! no??? and maybe…… she will make especially for me and them a Toplist of their Top 10 songs… but that’s not sure yet…

    For this, you have first to offer me a free place for her French Concert! 😉

  7. I didn’t get the opportunity to go to her concert in Oslo last time. Me and my girlfriend wold just love a concert with her 😀 Gunnar from Norway

  8. I just simply love London, and would love the opportunity to take my little sister back to London again, greatest memory ever.
    -From a faithful fan, who recruits fans every day, Stian

  9. Seeing Alicia Keys live in London would mean the world to me. She is truly a role model to everyone in the world; all her humanitary work for and with children in Africa and the rest of the world is something more people should get involved with. Her music is awesome and you can hear that she has grown more mature in her music, which still touch me very deeply, and her choice of words makes me feel that I am not alone. /Emil (Sweden)

  10. Can there be any better than “You don’t know my name”?

    Perhaps the answer is waiting to be discovered at the concert? Tickets through the greatest music service would help me to decide.

    Spoda, Finland
    (Based on Pori Jazz I know I wouldn’t be disappointed regardless of the answer)

  11. I´m from Spain and I would like to give this present to my girlfriend because she is a fan of Alicia and next month is our wedding´anniversary so this is be the best present I would ever give her.
    Thank you much and congratulations for spotify!!!!!!!!!

  12. At the time of writing it’s -21 °C degrees outside, God knows how much more up north. – Alicia Keys – though not my favorite artist, would bring some hope, warmth and light to this cold and ever so melancholic, dark place called Finland. Plus I would definitely score some extra [P]oints by taking my Homegirl to the concert hands down.

    Feelin’ me here? — anyone, Team Spotify?

    //Otto, Finland. *

  13. Holy cow. Been to one gig with her before, in Kristiansand, Norway during the Quart festival. If I can bring my wife to experience the same, you would have my undying support for ever!
    /Marius, Norway

  14. can you pleas uptadate new songs from Jason Derulo at spotify?!
    And the new Ke$ha album?