Spotify Premium Sweden, Rock ‘n Roll

The Swedish New Wave band The Sounds have had two major hit releases since they were founded in 1999. On June 2nd they are releasing their new album, Crossing The Rubicon, and starting today Spotify Premium users in Sweden can get a first chance to listen to the full album. For a taste of what […]

Spotify music catalogue updated with 75,515 new tracks

I don’t have anything as exciting as yesterday’s news to write about but we do have a fairly large update to our music catalogue today that you can check out over the weekend. We’ve added 6,617 albums and singles today, in total 75,515 new tracks are now available. Today’s update has a lot of indie […]

Spotify mobile demo at Google Android I/O

Earlier this week Gustav, Ludde and Anders took the long flight across the pond to San Francisco. They went over to take part in Google I/O, a conference for Android developers. We thought that rather than just keeping what we demoed to the group who attended we’d share with everyone. Now, just to be clear […]

Spotify Premium UK, Dave Matthews Band exclusive

On June 1st, Dave Matthews Band will release Big Whiskey And The GrooGrux King, the group’s seventh studio album and its first since 2005’s Stand Up. Starting today, Spotify Premium subscribers in the UK get the exclusive opportunity to listen to the album before it’s released. Big Whiskey And The GrooGrux King pays tribute to […]

Jamie Cullum on Spotify

This is the first of our guest blog posts. Jamie Cullum is an award-winning musician and a big fan of Spotify. Spotify. I can’t work it out. I have been a music consumer my whole life. Obsessed by it, saved for it, longed for it. Now it appears that feverish collecting is coming to an […]

Spotify pumps up punk content with Epitaph

In the past couple of months we’ve announced a number of deals to add more classical and indie content to Spotify. Today we’re announcing something a little different, we’re really happy to let you know that we’ll be bolstering our punk and alternative rock catalogue with amazing content from Epitaph Records. Epitaph is a California […]

Spotify music catalogue updated with 14,826 new tracks

Today we have some great new content, especially for the punk and alt rock fans out there. We’ve added 1,175 albums and singles today, in total 14,826 new tracks are now available. A lot of today’s update comes from from Epitaph, our new label search comes in handy here. Bands like Bad Religion,The Offsping, Rancid, […]

Spotify music catalogue updated with 10,624 new tracks

After a nice long weekend we’ve got some more music for you today. We’ve added 919 albums and singles today, in total 10,624 new tracks are now available. Some of the new releases from today’s update include Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by Phoenix. Also released today was Marilyn Manson’s new album, The High End of Low. […]

Spotify and McAfee – a little mix-up

A little bit of unwanted excitement today when McAfee released an update to their virus definition file. This caused the antivirus software to falsely identify Spotify as a virus. Both Spotify and MacAfee are aware of this problem and they have released an update for their antivirus software. I can assure you that Spotify is […]

Spotify Premium UK, Fascinating

Girls Aloud may be a product of a reality show but these ladies are no one hit wonder. Their hit album Out Of Control took over the charts last year and the critically acclaimed song The Promise took the Best Single prize at the BRIT Awards. They are now releasing an exclusive singles boxset and […]