Spotify Premium, Want Ya!

If you Flashback to 2004 you’ll remember Darin’s long run on Swedish Idol, this week you can pre-listen to his new album in Sweden, but If You Wanna listen to it early you’re going to need Spotify Premium. Also pre-released this weekend in Sweden is a new album by Markoolio who hopes to make a […]

Santa’s little helpers

As we busily plan and prepare for all the exciting things we have coming up for Christmas it’s starting to resemble Santa’s workshop around the office, if you don’t believe us take a look yourself.

Spotify Premium, Britney Spears Exclusive

Fans of Britney will have been eagerly Anticipating this for a while now and from today Lucky Spotify Premium users in Sweden can be first to pre-listen to Britney Spears’ new album Circus before it goes on open release next week. With Spotify Premium, Why should you be sad.

Rockbjörnen & Aftonbladet are handing out Spotify invites

Our good friends over at Rockbjörnen & Aftonbladet started a promotion last Friday in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Rockbjörnen music awards. As part of the celebration they are handing out 1000 Spotify invites to people who nominate their favorite artists for the awards, so if you are looking to get a Spotify […]

Spotify Premium, your Wonderchild

Back in September Christian Walz headlined at the Spotify party in Stockholm and after such a wild and crazy experience he’ll certainly Never Be Afraid Again! Next week Christian is releasing his new album The Corner and this weekend our premium users in Sweden can be first to hear it. Premium users in Sweden can […]

New music is now live!

We’re really excited to let you know that we’ve added a whole bunch of new content to Spotify this week from some great indie labels. Now you can listen to new artists and albums from the Merlin network which represents the rights of hundreds of independent artist, this week’s updates are primarily from the Beggars […]

A short introduction of Spotify’s new community manager

Hi there! I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself to everyone, my name is Andres, and I’ve recently joined Spotify as a Community Manager. What that means is that I’m here to talk to, and more importantly, listen to all of our Spotify users. I’ll be actively available to users on our […]

Afterwork at Debaser Medis

Last Friday Max and I had the opportunity to do a Spotify gig at Debaser Medis. Sure, we have fooled around DJing with Spotify at parties and at the office. But this, this was for real! Those last few minutes before opening time lots of worries rushed through our minds; Is anyone going to show […]

Spotify Premium, helping you relax

To celebrate the release of Dido’s new album Safe Trip Home and as a big Thank You to our premium users. This weekend our premium users in Sweden will not only be able to listen to Dido’s new album before it goes on open release next week, but we are also offering all you stressed […]