Spotify 0.3.2

Partial screenshot of Spotify 0.3.2

We have just released a new version of Spotify. In this release:

  • Different versions of the same album have been grouped in the artist view
  • The growl notifications have been modified to support replacement of a message rather than just stacking them
  • The prefetching model has been modified to prefetch across track boundaries
  • Feedback has been added for when changing tracks is not possible due to an ad being played
  • The row numbers in the top list view have been right adjusted
  • Keyboard short cuts for changing tracks or toggling pause no longer repeat
  • The error message for URIs to non-existing playlists has been improved
  • A bug causing password reset login to be very slow has been fixed
  • The album header has been modified to work better with very long titles
  • Context menus have been added to album covers and titles in the album view
  • The error messages for missing tracks have been clarified


  1. … and I just noticed that you’ve added some Black Flag albums, finally! 😀

  2. I notice that with the newest version, I can no longer fast forward within a track to a particular point within the track. Is this by design?

  3. I get connection problems all the time. And I miss the feature that used to display the current song on Windows Live Messenger.

  4. Plamere:
    The behavior you are reporting is not by design so it could possibly be a bug.
    Try re-starting Spotify and if it happens again, give me a shout on

    Connection problems are never fun. Please tell us more about this problem at and we can look into it further.
    To enable us to help you we will need to know your location, time, Internet connection speed and Internet service provider.

  5. Can you change the shortcut for “Mute” to something that can be typed just with two fingers instead of three? For example “command+space”. Much apprechiated.

  6. mellowyellow: Please use the built-in support contact feature in Spotify. You’ll find it in the main menu: Help > Give Feedback…
    This way, your suggestion or bug report is filed directly into our support system and you’ll be sure your message will not get lost. Thank you!

  7. someone has edited my previous message out. are we in censoreship mode or corporate? i was merely reporting my conection issues. ru gonna delete this one?