The best of the Wurst: Eurovision winner Conchita’s daily streams shoot up 400 percent


Go Conchita!

Conchita Wurst‘s victory at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 has made her an overnight star across Europe – and she has now similar levels of success for her music on Spotify.
Since her winning performance at Eurovision, fans have listened to her music more than a million times on Spotify.
If you are a Conchita Wurst fan, you can not only find her official profile on Spotify, but also delve into her personal music collection, which includes a number of playlists including La Musica ConchitaDIVA and Disney (a playlist of her favourite Disney tracks). 

2013 – et år i tilbageblik

Vi kan ikke fatte, at det allerede er den tid på året. Tid til at reflektere over tolv fantastiske måneder inden for musik.

Spol tilbage med vores Året i tilbageblik og tag med os på et interaktivt eventyr i tid og rum. Fra hele Spotify-universet til dit personlige år inden for musik.

Vi fejrer de ærlig talt forbløffende 4,5 milliarder timer musik, der blev streamet på Spotify i år. Og afslører de kunstnere og numre, som tog verden med storm. Vi deler nogle sjove Spotifacts fra hele verden. Og til sidst viser vi dig den musik, som udgjorde dit 2013, i dit helt eget Året i tilbageblik.

Tak for, at du var en del af vores år. Vi håber, at vi kan dele mange flere musikalske øjeblikke i 2014!


“What a blast!” Sebastian Ingrosso on the Spotify House Party

Following tonight’s live house party on Spotify with Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso, we caught up with Sebastian to ask a few questions. Check it out below!

So, how do you feel? Happy with tonight’s house party?

Absolutely! The most important part for me is to constantly interact with my fans, and this was an innovative and cool way of doing so. We played a lot of good music and the listeners could vote on what to hear next and chat with us. It was great to play our new song “Calling” as well!

It was awesome that so many of our fans joined us and we hope they had as much fun as Alesso and I did!

It seems like a good way to interact and chat with your fans.

Oh, it’s a blast! It’s always nice to be able to use new technology and social media as a way to reach out to our fans. Tonight they even got the chance to participate and decide what music we played, which is even cooler. Plus, we get the chance to reach out to a much wider audience, whether they are at a pre-party or in the basement of their mother’s house – Stockholm, Amsterdam or London? It doesn’t matter!

A large chunk of tonight’s audience dream of becoming DJs themselves, what’s your advice to all those who want to become the next Ingrosso?

Becoming a DJ takes a lot of time and it won’t come overnight, you have to do your own thing and never give up. I’ve been doing this for over ten years and I’m still evolving. You have to find your own unique style and that takes time.

Remember, there are so many people out there who want to become DJs. It might be easier to get started with all the technological development, but ultimately it’s not enough to be able to beatmix to become a good DJ, it’s about having fun, having a feeling for the music and the audience you’re playing for. You have to feel what gets them dancing!

Who’s your ideal pre-party guest?

My friends, because I don’t see them enough! But yeah, it would be really cool to sit and chat with someone like Paul McCartney and listen to the same music and have a beer together!

What do you think is the future for artists wanting to connect with fans?

That’s impossible to predict – just look at how much everything has changed in the past five years! I just hope a lot of cool new ways appear, because the fans are the most important thing for me.

You can listen to all songs recorded during the event by clicking the link below!

#MusicMonday playlist brought to you by @MonaFims

Our friend @MonaFims has this #MusicMonday’s recommendations.

It is Monday and time for a new playlist! First band out this week is a two piece indie pop band from Sweden; “Palpitation” with their song “Ready Set Go”. A nice dreamy start on a new week!

We continue with “Peter & Kerry” and their song “The Shadows” from their latest EP “Clothes, Friends, Photos”. And then time for “Eternal Summers”. “Millions” is the first song from the band’s forthcoming full-length LP “Correct Behavior” (coming out in July)

“Rebekka Karijord” just came out with a new single “Use My Body While It´s Still Young”. Like always very nice lyrics and an amazing vocal.

Last song in this weeks playlist is by an American indie pop band; “Throw Me The Statue”. I really like their song “Lolita” from their debut album Moonbeams (2007).

If you have song suggestion for next week’s playlist, be sure to drop them in Mona’s Spotify Inbox.

#MusicMonday playlist brought to you by @MonaFims

Our friend @MonaFims has this #MusicMonday‘s recommendations.

Monday and time for a new playlist! First band out this week is a Swedish indie pop trio; “Little Majorette” with their song “A Swansea Love Story”. A very catchy song and a very nice female vocal.
We continue with yet another Swedish favorite: Malmoe based “This is Head” with their song “0011”.

Third band out this week is “The Shins” and their song “The Rifle’s Spiral” from their latest album “Port of Morrow” (2012). If you have not already done so, you should take the time and listen trough the rest of the album too. It is as most of the music critics are saying, packed with a lot of great music.

Next one out this week is one of my favorite singer-songwriter of all times: the amazing “Damien Rice” with his song “Dogs”. I’m sure most of you know Damien from before but if you don’t, you will get a very nice introduction by listening trough his album “O” from 2002. A little mellow but such an amazing album!

Last band out in this week’s Music Monday playlist is an indie pop band from Manhattan, New York.
“Cults” with their catchy song “Abducted”.

If you have song suggestion for next week’s playlist feel free to drop them in my Spotify Inbox.


Introducing the Spotify Play Button

Today we’re excited to introduce the Spotify Play Button, a wonderful, new way of integrating Spotify content within blogs, websites and other social networks.

Making it even easier to share and discover music, the Spotify Play Button is a simple yet extremely powerful music widget that makes it easier than ever to deliver all the world’s music to fans of your website or blog. Adding the Spotify Play Button to your Tumblr, website or social page will light it up with music in a flash and feature any song, album or playlist. To enjoy the tunes, all you have to do is hit Play. Totally free. Totally instant. Totally awesome.

Making music even more personal

We’ve teamed up with some of the best and brightest sites online to help make sharing and discovering music even more seamless.

Add a soundtrack to your Tumblr in a flash. Embed all your favourite music and search for the tracks you love within Tumblr’s ‘Audio’ bar.

Transform your Facebook profile or artist page with FanRx. It’s never been so easy to power up a profile. Rev up your Brand’s Facebook page with FanBridge and feature specific songs or albums, draw attention to new releases, fan-only demos or exclusives.

You’ll love the Spotify Play Button – especially when can you tune into the music on your favourite sites. The Spotify Play Button on Vega, Mashable, The Huffington Post, Time Out, Rolling Stone and more will give you access to all the music content you can dream of with just one click.

Browse and enjoy playlists on just by hitting Play.

Want to sing along to all your favourite tunes without having to search for them? Head over to Tunewiki and browse, click and play.

For more information about the Spotify Play Button, come this way.

Billetter til DDJA


Glæd dig til at feste side om side med artister og kendisser til Danish DeeJay Awards – Danmarks største awardshow. Verdenstjernen Martin Solveig vil spille et 2 timer langt DeeJay sæt til Tuborg Afterparty. Det betyder, der samlet set er ni timer spækket med fest og musik.

Klik her, og få mulighed for at vinde billetter til dig og en ven. Lyt til alle de nominerede på den officielle DDJA profil på Spotify og sæt din stemme i Spotify kategorien –

Danish DeeJay Awards er påskesøndag den 8. april fra kl. 18.00 i Ballerup Super Arena.