Fashionable Tunes

Fashion week is upon us and globally acclaimed fashion designer Zac Posen just launched his latest ZAC Zac Posen (his high contemporary line) collection images via Spotify with the music that inspired him in the creative process.

It is the first time that a designer decided to link their creations to music in such a viral fashion!

Each look from the ZAC Zac Posen Autumn-Winter 2014 collection will be displayed as the playlist image, and said playlist will be linked to his Instagram where you can get a larger image and engage in social conversations with the designer.

The tunes range from Ke$ha to Lisa Minelli, from Madonna to the Majors. His playlists showcase decades of music and an eclectic array of genres that have inspired the creations, the look, and the images.

Click here to be transported into his world of fashionable tunes.