Community Awards

I just wanted to take a minute and let everyone know about a little initiative being run by Afront over at the The Pansentient League blog. Afront has put together a competition to find the best Spotify Community site and we’ve pitched in with some premium subscriptions for the winners. We think this is a great initiative and really appreciate all the hard work people put into building these sites.

Head over and vote for you favourite Spotify community site, also check out our Resources page that Afront kindly helps keep updated.


  1. Indeed, great initiative! Happy to see my among the nominees, of course… 😛

    Best of luck to everyone!

  2. Thanks for nominating ► ► BTW We will add some improvements soon.

    Best of luck to all competitors.

    @spotify Why not bring the Resources page more to the front? It’s kind of hard to find now

  3. Thank you Afront for nominating Xpandify for Best playlist sharing site!

  4. Well, i dont know where to put this, but you guys gotta put more DREDG on spotify, there’s only 2 songs now.. please!