An update to Spotify for Symbian

We’re releasing an update to Spotify for Symbian. Version 0.3.23 (64201) can be downloaded from

Along with several bug fixes this release includes:

  • 4 new devices are now supported: Nokia X6, Nokia 6760 slide, Nokia 6700 slide, Nokia E55 and the newly announced Sony Ericsson Vivaz.
  • Text input on touchscreen devices has been rewritten. Supports special/unusual characters and hardware qwerty keyboards.
  • Text input optimizations.
  • Seeking on non-touchscreen devices is now much faster.


  1. For folks having the compatability problem on the E72 – I ran into this – the web site is wrongly identifying the phone as an E52. You need to scroll right down to the bottom on the page where it will show the phone detected as as an E52 – there is an option to specify your phone – the Nokia E72 is on the list – works no problem for me once you change the phone model.

  2. Hi there. I’m a new user of Spotify. I have a Nokia 6500c and I would be very happy to see an update for my phone ! I guess that would make me get a premium account even quicker ;).

  3. can i ask for help from someone please?
    i cant seem to find the Glee soundtrack on spotify.
    a few weeks ago a few of the songs were on it but now i cant find any.
    does anyone have it on their playlist? pleaseeeee

  4. I don’t know where I should tip about music but I want to see Eagles and The Beatles on Spotify!

  5. iam also waiting for a windows mobile app for my htc hd2
    hope there is something like this soon….but thanks for the hours of music

  6. I love SPOTIFY but why wont you make SPOTIFY work in my phone SONY ERICSSON AINO U10 ? Cant you agree with Sony to make this happen ?