The BRITs hits 30

On February 16th the BRITs turn 30! The preeminent UK music awards show is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and the nominees for the awards have now been announced. You can check out tracks from the nominees with our BRIT Awards 2010 playlist.

As part of this year’s showcase the BRITs will also be looking back on some of the best albums and performances of the the past 30 years as part of a special retrospective. To be a part of the show you can also vote for:

The Best British Album of 30 Years
The Best British Single of 2009
The Best British Breakthrough Act of 2009
The Best International Breakthrough Act of 2009

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  1. These sponsored playlists look great with their thumbnail images and descriptions. Any chance of opening that functionality to us mere mortals (or at least subscribers)? It would HUGELY benefit the sharing of playlists.

  2. @Andres Are all the tracks in the playlist playable by everyone in all regions? If not, you really should have mentioned this otherwise the comments for this blog entry are just going to fill up with complaints from all the people who can’t play the tracks in the playlist.

  3. @digithed – I’m sure you know the answer to that. 🙂
    The tracks are all availble in the UK which is the target market for the BRITs.

  4. @Andres – Of course I knew the answer, it was a retorical question. But I was only trying to point out that you always seem to shy away from mentioning regional restrictions in the blog posts you make. Do you think it makes Spotify look bad if you have to make excuses all the time for content not being available to everybody? I think you should take the opposite approach and mention it everywhere along with a long winded disclaimer pointing out that it’s the record industry which is imposing this and not Spotify.

  5. @digithed – I understand your point but don’t agree. As a company it’s not in our best interest to constantly point out shortcomings (even if they are out of our control) since the mass market does not really care about these things. I don’t know of any business that would go out of it’s way to do that and it’s not as if we shy away from the issue when it’s brought up.

  6. @Andres – Also, what a stupid and short sited concept having a target market of only one country. Surely the record industry should be more ambitious and would make more money if they had a target audience of – The World.

  7. @Andres – On second thoughts, you don’t really need to point out the shortcomings. The comments here in the blog and on the support forum are full up with people constantly pointing out and complaining about all the shortcomings anyway 😉

  8. these I really want on spotify:

    Byz – a sad story
    Byz – why do we always fight

    And… I want Plain Hhite T’s album “Big Bad World” back

  9. @digithed: It’s the Brits that have a target audience of the UK, not Spotify.

  10. @ digithed:

    A lot of the tracks marked as “Not available” in the play list, actually are playable — just not on the particular album mentioned in the playlist.

    So, stating that “This track is currently not available in Sweden” about, for instance, “Take Your Mama” by Scissor Sisters, or “She’s Electric” by Oasis IS PLAIN WRONG! They ARE available in Sweden, but not on the particular albums in “The Brit’s” playlist.

    You should solve this problem Spotify, since it severely messes up international exchange of playlists — and at the same time gives Spotify worse PR than you actually deserves.

  11. Even worse:

    “Counterpoint” by Delphic (album = Acolyte) IS availble in Sweden, even though the playlist suggests it isn’t.

  12. Guys don’t know if its me but some songs are not corresponding to the search e.g. Beastie Boys – You gotta fight is playing instead of Salt n’ Pepa – Push it. (2nd result)

  13. Can you guys on spotify get frank Zappas version on “bobby brown”?
    it should be Really Really nice if you did that.

  14. @andrew_tempest – I meant the record industry should be targeting the whole world with services like Spotify, and not using regional restrictions.

    @drfm – I know and have written about this problem at length on the support forum more than a year ago. The incredibly stupid situation is that, due to licensing restrictions, Spotify has to have a completely separate copy of many albums and tracks, one for each region. This makes it impossible, in some cases, to make playlists that can be used across border since the playlist points to a particular copy from a specific region.

  15. if u want music like reaaaaaaal music on Spotify why not add Mastodon’s 2004 album Leviathan.

  16. A tip for the unplayable songs in imported playlists. Copy to a local list, select all, rightclick choose “replace unplayable tracks”. Leaves only 4 unplayable in Sweden (of 13 in Andres list).

  17. @phira600 – Yes it’s possible to do as you described, but since you can do it manually the client should be able to do this automatically. That’s what we are complaining about.
    If Spotify want to project a good image then they need to find ways to work around the stupid licensing restrictions imposed by the record industry. They should be doing everything within their powers to make this an easy experience for the end users. At the moment some more work is needed in this area.

  18. @ phira600 AND digithed:
    Just went through a few of my playlists created by others, outside of Sweden (where I live). And it was AMAZING how many tracks marked as “Not available in Sweden”, that all of a sudden became playable. No wonder the number of unavailable tracks didn’t ever decrease, regardless of how much the total number of available tracks increased…

    This is really bad, Spotify! For me as a customer, but also for you as a company, since this problem makes Spotify look worse than it really deserves!

  19. @drfm – But copying the contents of a shared playlist to your own playlist only solves half the problem. It finds all the tracks playable in your region, but on the other hand the playlist is no longer collaborative, it’s your own private playlist now that you can’t easily share.

    What Spotify need to do is make playlists automatically find tracks based on your login and where you are located and only show tracks as unplayable if they really are unplayable in your region. Despite the fact that the record companies force Spotify to store separate versions of tracks for different regions, this should be made as invisible as possible for end users. This doesn’t seem like rocket science to me, yet the problem has been outstanding for more than a year now. I’d like to get Spotify’s take on just why this is so difficult to implement.