Issues with Symantec anti-virus

Earlier today we were alerted by a number of users that Spotify was being blocked by various versions of Symantec/Norton anti-virus products. This caused the anti-virus software to falsely identify Spotify as a Trojan. I can assure you that Spotify is not a Trojan, this is simply a misunderstanding on Symantec’s part.

Both Spotify and Symantec are aware of this problem and they have been very quick to respond and release an update for their anti-virus software.

We’re told by Symantec that if you are running SEP or SAV, then Rapid Release definitions have just been released dated 28/01/2010 rev. 2 – these also have the fix included. They will be included in the next full release for both SEP and SAV. You can also manually download and install the new Rapid Release if you’d like. More help can be found on our forums.

If you need to reinstall Spotify it is quite easy to do and you can always log in with your existing account, no need to create a new one. You can download the installer from our website if necessary. Once you’ve restarted Spotify you may need to go to the Internet Properties in Symantec/Norton and ensure that Spotify is not blocked so it can connect to the internet.

We’re really sorry that this happened but we hope everyone can get back up and running soon.

Update: Symantec have updated Norton Antivirus (using Live Update). After that you may nee to restore the spotify.exe -file from the Antivirus quarantine list and Spotify should then work.

Music Hack Day – this weekend in Stockholm

After the successful events in London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Boston, Music Hack Day is coming to Stockholm. Music Hack Day, you might wonder… what is that?

In short, the Music Hack Day initiative is a super intensive 24 hour event that tries to gather some of the world’s most interesting technology startups in the music industry; Spotify, SoundCloud, SongKick, Playdar, and the Echo Nest are only some of the participants that will join forces during a weekend of innovation and creativity.

The event will take place this weekend, the 30th & 31st of January, at the Doberman HQ in Stockholm. We’re really proud to be a part of the event, and are hoping that we see some really cool hacks coming out of it.

Spotify Premium, TiK ToK

A slew of pre-release today to let you know about. First off for Spotify Premium users in France we have the latest album from Luke. Their new album, D’autre Part, is available exclusively on Spotify for the next two weeks and users can also enter a contest to meet the band in person.

For subscribers in the UK we have the debut release from Ke$ha who has been lighting up the charts with her single, TiK ToK. Her album, Animal, is being released in the UK next week but premium subscribers can listen to it here first.

In Sweden, Norway and Finland we have the latest release from Swedish pop group Freda’. Their new album, Ett mysterium, is now available for subscribers.

Also available today for premium subscribers in Sweden, this one from British electropop band Hot Chip. Their new album, One Life Stand, is the follow up to the hugely successful 2008 album, Made in the Dark.

Our final pre-release today comes from Finnish group, Husky Rescue, who will be releasing their new album, Ship Of Light, shortly and are making it available to all users before it’s release.

The BRITs hits 30

On February 16th the BRITs turn 30! The preeminent UK music awards show is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and the nominees for the awards have now been announced. You can check out tracks from the nominees with our BRIT Awards 2010 playlist.

As part of this year’s showcase the BRITs will also be looking back on some of the best albums and performances of the the past 30 years as part of a special retrospective. To be a part of the show you can also vote for:

The Best British Album of 30 Years
The Best British Single of 2009
The Best British Breakthrough Act of 2009
The Best International Breakthrough Act of 2009

Visit for more information

Spotify Premium France, Luke en avant-première

A partir du 25 janvier, les utilisateurs Spotify Premium français pourront écouter en avant première le nouvel album de Luke, D’autre part, 2 semaines avant sa sortie.

Le groupe a également créé une liste de lecture avec leurs morceaux favoris. Pour l’écouter, cliquez ici : La sélection de LUKE

Enfin, nous vous offrons 4 places (2 x 2) pour voir le groupe sur scène et les rencontrer lors d’un meet & greet au Bataclan (Paris) le 26 mai prochain.

Pour gagner, laissez-nous un commentaire ici même sur le blog en nous disant pourquoi vous devriez être choisi et nous informerons les gagnants par e-mail avant le 15 février. N’oubliez pas que vous devez être membre Premium pour gagner – abonnez-vous à Spotify Premium et participez au concours.

D’autre part est le 5ème album de Luke, plus pop mais fidèle à la tension rock à laquelle le groupe nous a habitué, le public sera surpris et les fans sûrement comblés. Il marque 9 ans de carrière et place Luke comme leader de la scène rock française aujourd’hui.

Spotify France – Faîtes entendre votre voix sur Spotify et gagnez 3 mois d’abonnement Premium

Dîtes-nous ce que vous pensez de Spotify dans un spot audio, nous diffuserons les 5 meilleurs et vous gagnerez peut être un abonnement Premium.

Comment faire ?

Enregistrez un message audio qui parle de Spotify, avec le dictaphone de votre téléphone par exemple – maximum 30 secondes. Envoyez-le à

Laissez libre cours à votre imagination et faîtes parler votre créativité ! Les 5 meilleurs spots seront diffusés sur Spotify et gagneront des abonnements Premium de 3 mois.

Date limite d’envoi des spots le 15 février. A vous de jouer !

Spotify Premium, Fast Lane

Today we have a few pre-releases for Spotify Premium subscribers.

First up for subscribers in Finland is the new release from Husky Rescue. The ambient-pop band from Helsinki is releasing their fourth studio album, Ship Of Light, and you can hear it first here on Spotify.

The second pre-release is for subscribers in Sweden, Norway and Finland we also have an album from Andreas Grega. His debut album, En sak i taget, is available exclusively to Spotify Premium subscribers and they also have the chance to see him live in concert, simply head over to the official contest page to enter and win.

Vote for the 2010 Grammis

Top Swedish artists will be recognized later this week at the Grammis. The award ceremonies are taking place at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm and you can join in and vote for you favorites at the official website.

Additionally, our friends over at Telia are offering users a chance to attend the after party so head over to contest page and enter.

New releases on Spotify

A number of new releases are available on Spotify this week. A few highlights includes:

We’re not able to publish the full list of new additions to our catalogue at the moment but hopefully we can at least point out some of the newer releases, enjoy!