Update to Spotify for Symbian

We’ve released an update to Spotify for Symbian that fixes a number of issues with the initial release and adds support for some new models. Version 0.3.22 (61361) can be downloaded from www.spotify.com.

This release includes:

  • A fix for disappearing offline tracks.
  • A fix for the problem when adding tracks to existing playlists on touch screens.
  • Text input of special characters now added, e.g. Norwegian and French.
  • Text input on special types of keyboards now added, e.g. non-touch phones with dual keyboards.
  • New devices supported include the Nokia E72, Nokia N82, Nokia 6110 Navigator, Nokia 6210, Navigator,Nokia 6290, Nokia N79.


  1. Thanks a lot 🙂
    Even though there is no version for E90 I have been able to use another version that works ok (not using the screen inside the phone).

  2. Symbian?


    Come along, Spotify. Seriously. Enough mucking about with the iPhone and the Android and Symbian for everyone who thinks it’s 2007. Can we pretty-please-with-sprinkles have a client for Blackberry? Promise I’ll subscribe as soon as the killer app hits the platform I’m forced to work with…

    (Leave the Windows mobile for a bit. it’s dying anyway. It’ll go away if you ignore its feeble mewling…)

  3. I am a new Spotify Mobile user, running it on my Nokia N97.

    Some thoughts :

    1. Why is it not possible to add an Album to a playlist in the Mobile client?
    2. Why is there no ability to sort a list of playlists alphabetically?
    3. What determines what the content of the “Home” page will be? For some reason my Home page contains a couple of Elvis and about 5 Jimi Hendrix album covers, and nothing else.

    All that said, dont get me wrong, I love the app, would just like to see these features sorted 🙂

  4. Actually, ignore point 1 above, I figured that highlighting a track for a couple of seconds brings up the option to Add Album to Playlist.

  5. How about adding the ability to see how many offline tracks are currently stored on the Mobile device, so the user then will know how close they are to the 3333 limit?

  6. When will spotify be available on Samsung Jet(S8000)=?????
    love spotify and it should be a dream if it was in my mobile!^^ plz :)))

  7. Please add official support for Nokia N82 8GB. It’s been working anyway since the first release however it’s not automatically detected as supported device. Note that the 8GB version of this device took the majority of the distribution in the UK not the standard N82.

  8. Nokia N97 user. Just love the concept!!! But some problems:
    1.Speed of music problem. Sometimes the phone starts playing music in slower speed than normal and after a 5-15 sec it starts playing to fast… This is annoying.

    2.N97 has a keyboard. Still it is NOT possible to enter anything through the keyboard. Please make this happen!

    3.Could Spotify make it possible to remote control the PC application? If you have a PC running playing Spotify and you start your mobile with the same user the PC stops and the mobile starts to play. Think of an option that so you could choose not to receive the music to the phone, just control the last PC connected, what music it is played. Your phone would the be a very cool remote control for home music system!!!

    Best Regard Thomas Lydhig, Sweden

  9. Hi, there’s a little problem with your update. The Previous version was compatible with the media keys on the Nokia N96. The front panel would light up and you could skip tracks and pause/play. This was as well as all the other controls on the phone, the slide out keypad/media keys and the remote. Now all the rest work but the front panel does not light up and does not recognise any media is playing.

  10. THANK YOU ! works fine with my nokia e55. i’ve been waiting for so long.. and no problems with the semi-qwerty keypad. Now what’s strange, you can find e55 on supported list at m.spotify.com but not on this page ?