Spotify Premium Nordics, Hocus Pocus


The English singer/songwriter Jamie T picked up the Best Solo Artist prize at the 2007 Shockwave NME Awards. His debut album, Panic Prevention, was short listed for the Mercury Prize and now he’s back and set to release his second full length album later this month.

Starting today Spotify Premium users in Sweden, Finland and Norway can listen to the new album, Kings & Queens, and for a taste of what to expect check out the first single, Sticks ‘n’ Stones.


  1. second that! 🙂
    Kinda fun, no matter what the news is about, people always ask for the same thing in the comments 🙂

  2. All this talk about music — won’t somebody please think of the Android client?

    (Am I doing it right?)

  3. So how about that Android client? Droidify is great and all, but the random crash-and-burns are getting tiresome.

    Word up argggh, nice one!

  4. Skip this nonsense about Andriod and other mobile apps (I don’t have any of those phones). Focus instead on getting spotify work in SqueezeNetwork 😉

  5. I can accept a moderate amount of focus on Android/iPhone/Symbian/Windows/Mac/Linux but you should put a very focused effort on getting that SpartaDOS X-client out to the masses!! We’ve been maltreated for too long and everyone of us SpartaDOS X users will cancel our premium accounts if the client is not available this weekend! And I don’t understand why you keep posting these music related things on your blog, I would appreciate it if you could keep this noise down to a minimum and post regular status reports on the development of the SpartaDOS X-client! Thanks in advance!

  6. SpartaDOS would be great, but another suggestion is to make a client for android… That would be great!
    Android tha best!

  7. I just got my android phone, but was very disapointed when I found out there was no Spotify app for it. Guess I’ll just have to sell my phone on ebay.

  8. Now I’ve waited for about 2 minutes. What takes you guys so long?! Still no Android app:)

  9. Hocus Pocus filly ocus – *poff*

    And a Android Client appears from the magicians little hat….

    Now, the questions becomes, wheres the rabbit…