Spotify Premium UK, The Dead Weather debut


The Dead Weather is the latest supergroup to form bringing together members of The Kills, The Raconteurs, Queens Of The Stone Age and Jack White of the White Stripes. The Nashville based band was formed back in February 2009 and their murky mix of blues and classic rock has been generating early rave reviews.

Their highly anticipated debut album, Horehound, is being released next week in stores. In a UK exclusive Spotify Premium subscribers can get access to the full album starting today.


  1. To anyone from the record labels that might be reading this (who am I kidding)…
    See how futile it is to restrict releases when, elsewhere on the internet, you can listen to exactly the same album for free and completely legally. Does one part of the record label not know what another part of the record label is doing?

  2. Its really great album.
    I was wondering if you could put up “I got a feeling” by The Black Eyed Peas, would been nice :))
    (im sorry cuz i am asking for it here, but i dont know who i can ask. And sorry my english – From norway)
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Why can’t we have it in Spain also? we are fed up of Bebe and soft pop. We need rock.

  4. Agree with Digithed above!
    I’m a free user from Sweden = couln’t listen to this album at Spotify, so now I’m listening to it through iLike instead!

    Spotify is def. a big step in the right directions, but the labels need to stop all the region restrictions, obviously doesn’t work & is probably promoting pirating more than any thing else . . .

  5. Have been waiting for this! Will the album be available to other countries after the UK premium users exclusive period?


  6. I understand that UK and Sweden are your primary focus, but: these exclusive UK/Sweden previews start to piss off a subscriber not from these countries. If you advertise premium with exclusive previews, please do (or at least try to) make them available to all subscribers.

    I guess the labels are to blame, once again. Sigh.

  7. The restrictions only makes people that can’t listen to download instead. And they get recommended by people that can listen to the songs. Remove the restrictions… and piracy will decrease a lot more!

  8. @jolsten : damn’, you’re right !

    sometimes, the pirate bay rulz 😦