Spotify music catalogue updated with over 43,000 new tracks

Yesterday was a holiday here in Sweden and most of us were out enjoying the sun so I didn’t have a chance to update the blog. However, we still managed to updated our music catalogue and I wanted to let you know about it. Yesterday we added 3,306 albums and singles, in total 43,176 new tracks are now available.

The release includes a ton of tracks from Naxos to help boost our classical content. There were also some more releases from Earache Records, a label which many people seem to enjoy. Another release yesterday was the new album from Kaizers Orchestra, Våre Demoner.

For a full listing of today’s additions please have a look at the Google Doc. As with every update not all albums listed may be available in your country and some tracks previously available may no longer be playable due to regional restrictions.


  1. WOW, this update is just GREAT! The Solution, Death breath, Sabaton, Sewergrooves and Maryslim!!!

    Me and my girlfriend just love Spotify and we’re thinking about going Premium but what about a family-subscription? Maybe 149 kr or something like that.

  2. Just wanted to thank you for all the classical loveliness. Naxos are a great label and I’m glad they’ve signed on. Now if you could make it easier to find the work by composer name and not conductor or orchestra and I’ll be so happy. The Naxos releases I notice are, but the rest?

  3. Wow, this awesome! I went all crazy when I saw soundroot in the list (never thought vocaloid-music would come up on spotify!)

    one point though: I dislike that the latest d’espairs ray and MUCC album is both not available in sweden.

  4. Great guys love all those updates. The catalogue is getting really awesome! Is there a place we can request albums? I’d love to listen to Saez’s God bless album, for the moment the catalogue has all his album except this one 😀
    Continuez les gars, moi qui était fan de la 1ere heure de deezer je viens de passer sur Spotify 😉

  5. Good update, but could you please add some more (and more accurate) categories to the radio? I like heavy metal for example, but I would like to have some subgenres like Power metal, Death metal and Black metal for example. Now I have to skip 5-10 tracks to get to one that I am interested in, and that’s just not good enough. I like having the radio on in the background when I’m not at my comp, so having to go back to the comp to change tracks all the time because of some faulty categorizing is just plain annoying. Thanks otherwise for the awesomeness that is Spotify!

  6. Is there any way to colaborate updating the program? I mean, could a usuary send some music to be added to the program? Thnak you

  7. i am finding your site really difficult to use. I like it, but it is not instantly obvious how to search for music. you need a search function, top right corner, or something!!!

  8. sarah4mccarthy – To search for music you have to run the Spotify program. In the program there is a search bar in the top left hand corner.

  9. Hey, nice job with the Earache catalogue. But why is it not possible to actually SEARCH for albums/song from a specific record company?

  10. Hi,

    got a tip for playing Spotify in your hi-fi equipment. If you like me only got a stationary pc and you want to play spotify in your main music center (which have to include a radio) there are some solutions, most of them quite expensive.

    My solution was to buy a simple fm transmitter for about 25 dollars/ 200 swedish kr and plug it into the “line-out”, in my pc soundcard.

    It worked perfectly. I can now listen to spotify in my living room while my pc is placed in my bedroom. A cheap and simple solution for those with only a stationary pc.

    Hope you can understand my english. Thanks for a great service.


    fantastic service. Absolutley

  11. Spotify rules 🙂

    just one thing, is it possible to add songs from otsuka ai?

    thanks for a great program:D

  12. är det bara för mig som hela Franz Ferdinads album “Franz Ferdinand” är konstigt? låtarna är liksom ihopblandade. “40 ft” är “take me out” osv.

  13. FELICITACIONES! PARABÉNS! CONGRATULATIONS! La verdad es que el programa es una masa y sólo escucho música con ustedes. Espero que la música internacional se vaya incrementando con grandes de la música como el colombiano Rafael Escalona, o grandes grupos argentinos como Sumo y Los Piojos. Hope u get it. Is there a way I can provide u material?

  14. Any word on when the Spine/Spike-farm cataloges will be available in Norway? Spin-farm Oy is allready in, so the rest can’t be too far behind.

    btw: I really appreciate the hassle you guys have to go thru for each and every single track, clarifying with each minor label who have the rights for every conceivable market region.
    But I can’t help being rightously annoyed that I can’t listen to Chthonic, Drudkh, Manes, early Ulver or Rotting Christ and so on.

  15. Where is Raised fist?! Fix it please!
    Give us Raised fist – Sound of republic album!!

  16. search engine not works well
    “Janacek” search must show ALL music by this composer…no?
    but, for example, “Janáčec”show different music

  17. sorry, I want to say:
    Janácek, Janáček: same composer, different results!

  18. I tried to listen to Sui Generis (the argentinian rock group) and the music appears is from an italian band, but the description belongs to the argentinians. If u need help tell me.

  19. I’m listening to divine (real name harris milstead) the 80’s ‘high energy’ artist. The song ‘Love reaction’ appears to be credited to a teen r&b group of the same name. His biggest uk hit ‘You think you’re a man’ No16 we 4 Aug ’84 is not available.

  20. It’s very nice to have so much classical music here. But it also reveal the not so good sound qality and compression ratio better than other music. Will there be any sound quality upgrade in the future?


  21. hapeda – If you disable volume normalization in the preferences menu does that improve your sound quality?

  22. Hi
    Love Spotify.
    Any chance of more ‘Latin Quarter’ albums, please?

  23. i celebrate that you have earache on board spotify, but i know theres a lot of metal labels that havent been added, especially among the alternative metal scene. i strongly recommend getting in touch with Hydrahead, and Ipecac for example, to see if they will get in. if they dont, then oh well, but certainly worth a try!

  24. we have every bands of rock / pop punk to Spain.
    i said this cause in UK there are more bands than here.
    i’m angry!

  25. Andres, how is it going releasing 2Pac’s material on spotify? It has been like 2-3 weeks since you contacted the record company.

  26. Can we PLEASE get Epitaph (and Burning heart etc.) on board. What´s the holdup there?

  27. Hey, hating to be like the others here and nag about some music, but the infected mushroom album – Converting Vegetarians.
    I would love to see it on spotify. It’s by far their best album imo 😉

  28. It’s all well and good adding new material, but if it’s impossible to search for all releases on a particular label then what’s the use in that?

    Manually searching the Google Spreadsheet is a kludgey workaround, and to be honest I can’t understand why searching using a “label:” category isn’t supported. It works for year (e.g., “year:1900-2009” which will show all the tracks I can play – VERY nice addition), so why can’t I search by label?

    Better yet, why not show the labels for each album and make them hyperlinked? I know if I could browse an entire label’s output and listen to their stuff I would do it more. It’s the same problem iTunes has. Spotify has the label information anyway, so why not put it to good use in the public client? 🙂

  29. Andres, how is it going releasing 2Pac’s material on spotify? It has been like 2-3 weeks since you contacted the record company.

  30. Retskrad:
    AFAIK, the rights to Tupac’s original albums are owned by his mother. And since she seems to be as tightfisted as Zappa’s widow, you may have to wait quite a while before you can listen to those albums on a free service.