Spotify 0.3.11

We are in the process of releasing a new version of Spotify, version 0.3.11. Changes for 0.3.11 include:

  • Added a search button in the search field when text is entered
  • The bug reporting menu item has been removed
  • Clicking on a past search, or a search suggestion, updates the search field with that text

If you experience problems with the automatic update please download the latest version from our website.


  1. There are now at least two versions of 0.3.11. 20 February 2009 14:41:45 25 February 2009 19:56:58

    I know most people won’t notice, but not every one runs a user account with permission to overwrite the Spotify executable. Would you please consider putting the full version number of the latest version on the manual download pages. It might also be better if the installer had the full version number. The installers for both of the above say 0.3.11, and no more.

    There have been comments above recounting problems getting the right version and Andres wrote on Get Satisfaction that, at one point, different Spotify servers had different latest version numbers for the client. Having hidden version changes only complicates issues like these.

  2. My password is not saving right in this version. It keeps changing when I move away from the perferences screen. How do I stop this?

  3. Hi, just wanted to give a tip for a function that I sure like want to see in Spotify. I kind of miss a global hotkey function, so that I can map keyboard combination’s to do next, stop and so on. Have no media keyboard so haven’t got those kind of keys.

  4. hey there, i think you created a very nice piece of software. would be nice how many times a music have been played in a playlist and who added that music if you are in collaborative playlist. keep it up

  5. Spotify scrobbles to my, but in the app it says it is: “Unable to contact server (Error 309) 1 Track Queued”. My play count has gone up about 700 plays today, this indicates that something is very wrong as it is impossible (there’s not nearly enough minutes in a day, for normal track lengths ;)).

    Please address this ASAP, so I can enjoy spotify and together! ;D

  6. Hard to report bugs when the Report bug button has been removed… Also I’m no fan of the sneaky updates.

    Some bugs:
    Spotify hardly scrobbles to anymore and the enable volume normalization checkbox is stuck.

  7. I very often get distortion with my Macbook since the latest updates. I this due to the Normalizer or have you peaked the recordings in some way? Solution is to lower the Spotty output and higher the output from Airfoil/macbook.

  8. Thanks for a great application. Got some well wanted features thou:

    All artists/tracks/albums should be browsable with a web adress. The file extention of the link should start the spotify program. Also expose a webservice for searching the content to enable 3:d party web-solutions.

    Better Browse/Search functionallity in player.

    Make it possible to play tracks from HDD in the player

    Make the player minimizable to a small bar like winamp with play/stop/next buttons and song title.

    Add Artists and albums (not only tracks) to favourits.

    Comment and Recommend Artists/tracks/albums.

    Add Commenter/Recommender to favourite user list and the possibility to see all that users comments/recommendations ( and shared favourits).

    Probably got more ideas if I think a bit more about it but this will have to do for now.

  9. really need a mini player version or menubar buttons similar to byte controller… I’m on mac… otherwise super!

  10. I was going to report a bug yesterday but couldn’t find the bug report function anymore, so I did some research and found out you were supposed to use a web forum. I find that much less user friendly and the fact that you have to register in yet another forum to be able to bug report ended up with me to post-pone it to Some Other Day<TM>.

    Please reconsider and put back the bug report function! Please, with sugar on top?

  11. I think you should implement a form where people can report incorrect titles on tracks.

  12. I think the add thing is down to a t theres not to many and there not stupid adds so keep it as it is. Also can you make an option to manually update instead of automatic as people in the company i work for do not have admin rights and cannot update so therefore cannot listen to spotify when it requires an update. If this is not fixed then Ive got to take spotify off our systems and all 450 users will be without it. Which I dont want to do please help 😦