Spotify and the Grammis


On January 7th the Grammis are being handed out in Stockholm and you can be a part of it. The Grammis are Sweden’s biggest music awards event of the year and Spotify has 5 pairs of tickets to hand out to our users for the gala ceremony. The awards are being held at Hovet and all you need to do to enter is send your Spotify username along with your address and phone number to and we will notify the winners with instructions on how they can get their tickets by the 6th of January.

To get a taste of who’s up for this year’s big awards check out these playlists on Spotify:
Årets album
Årets låt
Årets grupp
Årets kvinnliga artist
Årets manliga artist


  1. Why does spotify give me Bob Dylan from 1975, when I’ve tried to tune in Hard Rock and Heavy MEtal from the 90s?

  2. Wrote about this in my Swedish blog – Jefferson & Sally. Read the post and more at

    Happy 2009. Hugs and kisses. ^^

  3. Fy fan vad deprimerande det är att se vilken patetisk musik de har på “Årets låt” och “Årets grupp”. Amanda Jensen? Kom igen. E.M.D? Hellacopters? Backyard Babies? När släppte de senast något intressant? Det är ju som att nominera Metallica till bästa hårdrocksband. Eller vänta, det är ju precis vad Rockbjörnen gjorde!
    Bra jobbat från Spotify dock. Rolig idé att lägga ut listorna på det sättat! Kolla in årsbästalistorna på för några andra tips!

  4. Nice! – I would be cool if you can see how many have the playlist on there client (or maybe chat with them directly if they listen to that playlist.)

  5. I just wanted to say i love this service so far. I really hope you guys are able to make it profitable and successful.

  6. Här är kanske inte rätt plats men… Finns det någonstans info om vilka artister/låtar/skivor som läggs in i spotify? Det är ju en del man saknar trots allt, och att söka varje dag för att se om de kommit är lite trist… Framtida service eller?

  7. The Grammis Awards is a joke, but who cares? Spotify on the other hand is a great service. I was quite blown away when I found a near complete collection of a;Grumh… albums 🙂

  8. You do realise that since the cull of last week that the Backyard Babies tracks in the “Årets Grupp” playlist created by Spotify themselves are no longer playable in Sweden.
    What a ridiculous situation the record labels have put you in!