Spotify 0.3.0

Screenshot of Spotify 0.3.0We have just released a version of Spotify with an entirely new streaming protocol. This will allow us to build an efficient distribution system that we can scale to a much larger number of users, eventually letting you share Spotify with all your friends. While introducing the new streaming protocol, we have also switched to the Ogg Vorbis codec, giving you higher-quality music without using more bandwidth.

This is a big step for us, but since this is relatively untested code, please bear with us (and let us know!) if there are any issues, such as increased latency, missing songs or lost connections.

There is also a few visible changes:

  • We have turned off fuzzy matching when searching, and instead suggest alternative spellings if your search query didn’t return any results
  • Links to iTunes have been added for some tracks and albums. Through the context menu it is easy to buy your favourite tracks from the iTunes Store
  • The dashes that appear in automatically generated playlist names have been replaced by the typographically more correct en dashes
  • A bug that caused Spotify to crash when trying to play empty playlists has been fixed