Spotify 0.2.15

This week we released Spotify 0.2.15. Nothing exciting this time, mostly changes in the backend and minor bug fixes. Dropping a link to a playlist, artist or an album on the play queue will cause Spotify to play future tracks from that source. History now shows the currently playing track as well. The shuffle and […]

Support for Spotify URIs in Adium 1.3 beta

Adium 1.3b2, a multi-protocol IM application for Mac OS X based on Pidgin now recognizes Spotify URIs and turns them into clickable links. You no longer need to bother with the workaround HTTP URLs when using Adium. Thanks, Rasmus, for the patch! One application at a time, we hope, will add support for this. If […]

Spotify 0.2.14

We have released Spotify 0.2.14. In this version there are a few visible changes: A new view has been added to visualize the play queue. Growl support has been added. The graphics for the tabs has been changed. The entire footer area has been polished. The area showing which track is currently playing has been […]