Huge metadata overhaul (or “Where did my music go?”)

“Metadata” means “data about data”. When we talk about music metadata, we mean things like the names of albums and songs, album cover art, artist biographies and so on. To figure out correct metadata for an album may seem like an easy task, but sometimes proves to be harder than it seems. Yesterday, the content/metadata […]

Spotify 0.2.11

We just released Spotify 0.2.11. Changes since the previous version: Multi-disc albums are displayed as multiple discs rather than separate albums (or a very long album). Spotify for the Mac uses the key chain for storing passwords again. The symbol highlighting the currently played track in a list of tracks is a triangle again. Spotify […]

Content and metadata changes

We’re improving the way we handle music metadata, which means you should experience more relevant search results and less misplaced music over the coming weeks when browsing through the catalog. As part of our ongoing negotiations with rights holders, we have also pruned the catalog. We’re sorry if this means your favorite artist is missing. […]

Spotify 0.2.10

We just released Spotify 0.2.10. These are some of the changes since 0.2.9: The color schema has been changed as a first step towards a new design. A bug that made the application forget about playlist owners has been fixed. A bug that crashed Spotify when the play queue was opened after starting Spotify has […]

Spotify 0.2.9

We released a new version of Spotify today. The most visible changes for version 0.2.9 are on the Mac: Spotify for Mac and Windows now have the same graphical user interface. As a consequence, some previously Windows-only features are now available on the Mac. Spotify no longer hangs on auto-update. The new and improved updater […]