Spotify viert vijfde verjaardag in Nederland

5 jaar

Vandaag viert Spotify haar vijfde verjaardag in Nederland. Wereldwijd heeft de muziekstreaming service al verspreid over 58 landen 60 miljoen gebruikers waarvan 15 miljoen betalende abonnees. In Nederland gebruikt inmiddels één op de zes in de markt muziek via Spotify.* Voor de Nederlandse markt betekent het dat van elke vier Euro die door de Nederlandse labels verdiend worden, er één van Spotify komt. **

Om de Nederlandse verjaardag te vieren blikt Spotify met diverse artiesten terug op de belangrijke feiten van de afgelopen jaren en maakt Spotify gebruik van data om te zien hoe ons luistergedrag is.

De meest populaire internationale artiesten in Nederland van de afgelopen jaren zijn Ed Sheeran, Coldplay en Avicii. In de lijst van alle internationale sterren is de Nederlandse band Racoon de eerste naam die opduikt, namelijk op de 18e plaats.

De meest populaire Nederlandse mannelijke artiest Marco Borsato zien we op de 24ste plek terug, Mr. Probz staat op de 25ste plaats. Opvallend, André Hazes volgt hen op de voet (27e plaats) in de meest gestreamde lijst vanaf 18 mei 2010. Na Marco Borsato volgt Guus Meeuwis op de derde plaats in de categorie Nederlandstalig. Anouk is de populairste vrouwelijke artiest en verovert een plekje te veroveren in de top 10 van meest populaire Nederlandse acts. Maaike Ouboter staat op de 11de plaats van de meest gestreamde Nederlandse vrouwen van de afgelopen jaren.

De meest populaire tracks in de historie van Spotify in Nederland zijn John Legend All of Me en vanuit Nederland zelf Waves van Mr. Probz met de remix van Robin Schulz. Niet alleen in Nederland had Mr. Probz succes maar ook zeker over de grens. Mr Probz: “Spotify heeft er zonder twijfel aan bijgedragen dat mijn muziek de wereld rond is gegaan voordat het gedraaid werd op de radio in de meeste landen.” Kenny B. die op de tiende plaats in de lijst staat, brak eerder dit jaar een Nederlands record met meer dan één miljoen streams in één week.

Eén van Nederlands grootste exportproducten dancemuziek laat ook op streamingdienst zijn sporen na. DJ en producer Armin van Buuren: “De afgelopen jaren heb ik een fantastische fanbase opgebouwd. Ik ben enorm trots op mijn 1,3 miljoen volgers die mij tot de meest gevolgde Nederlandse artiest op Spotify maken. Ik vind Spotify echt de toekomst voor muziek.” De meeste streams in Nederland waren voor Yellow Claw daarna Martin Garrix en Afrojack. Armin van Buuren volgt zijn collega’s op de voet met zijn vierde plaats.

* volgens Spotify en Zenith Optimedia data
** volgens de NVPI

2013 – Eindejaarsterugblik

We kunnen bijna niet geloven dat het alweer deze tijd van het jaar is. Tijd om terug te blikken op de fantastische muziek van de afgelopen twaalf maanden. 

Kijk terug met onze Eindejaarsterugblik en doe mee met een interactief avontuur door tijd en ruimte. Van het immense Spotify-universum tot jouw persoonlijke jaar in muziek.

We vieren de ongelooflijke 4,5 miljard uur gestreamde muziek op Spotify dit jaar. En we onthullen de artiesten en nummers die de wereld veroverden. We delen wat leuke Spotifeitjes van over de hele wereld. Als laatste tonen we ook de muziek die jouw 2013 omlijstte, in je eigen Eindejaarsterugblik.

Bedankt dat je deel hebt uitgemaakt van ons jaar. Op het delen van nog meer muziek in 2014!

Spotify 0.3.23 – Related Artists

We’re in the process of releasing an update to Spotify, version 0.3.23. We’ve made some minor bug fixes and added password protection to download purchases which you can modify in the preferences menu.

The other main change with this release is the addition of a ‘Related artists’ tab to the artist view.

This feature is pretty exciting for us as it’s the first time we’ve used our own data to power recommendations. Previously we’ve used genre and artist tagging from AllMusic for related artists which worked well, but did not cover a large portion of our catalogue. What we’ve done now is to go through months and months of listening data and look closely at what people listen to.

This allows us to see that users who listen to a lot of The Rolling Stones, for example, are also big fans of Iggy Pop or The Byrds. The new feature pulls some of this information together to show you a range of related artists in one tab.

The ‘Related artist’ tab is the first of many uses for this data and we hope you’ll be able to find some great new bands you might not have otherwise heard of.

Win a Spotify Premium subscription courtesy of Fiat


We wanted to let you know about a little promotion that our good friends over at Fiat are running for the next four weeks in the UK. Fiat has put together the 500C feelgood playlist to collect the best summer tunes out there and they need your help extending the list.

Head over the the Fiat’s 500C site and submit your favorite feel good track and be entered to win a Spotify Premium account of your own. Once you’ve added to the list sit back and listen to it grow.

Jamie Cullum on Spotify

This is the first of our guest blog posts. Jamie Cullum is an award-winning musician and a big fan of Spotify.

I can’t work it out. I have been a music consumer my whole life. Obsessed by it, saved for it, longed for it. Now it appears that feverish collecting is coming to an end. Spotify even has those hard to find, Japanese Herbie Hancock albums. It is however missing quite a few independent gems. Hardly any Rhythm and Sound – a lot of stuff on some great labels – Stones Throw etc. Maybe physical releases will be purely for muso-head types, pitchforkers. I still go to Soul Jazz in Soho, Rough Trade in Notting Hill for recommendations and ensuing purchases. Always Ray’s Jazz for jazz; Portobello road for vinyl – Intoxica, Honest Jon’s. But I’ve also been buying stuff off of Boomkat for three years now – in fact a lot of my new artist discoveries come from their brilliant emails. I also am an Emusic subscriber – like iTunes with a better independent catalogue and much better editorial – like subscribing to melody maker with the ability to have each act you read about. Beatport for the finest selection of electronic music. And then of course iTunes itself – easy, massive and reliable. Deep down I still love to physically OWN music but Spotify……..oh my are we having a love affair!

Spotify is easy and beautiful. I had a Herbie Hancock day yesterday – building big, beautiful playlists from his interstellar catalogue. Who knows what I’ll decide to listen to today – maybe a Deep Purple day?

I don’t know what this means as a musician, but as a listener it’s very exciting.

In an idealist, rose tinted world it means that you only survive if you push yourself to be great, greater, unhomogenised. When everything is available with one click there is no need to keep listening. So you’d better make it brilliant. Perhaps in the real world it will mean it is even harder for the seething mass of undiscovered talent to peek through. I guess then, that is what record companies will still be needed for – nurturing and breaking talent.

I’m off now to finish my album to make sure sure it is brilliant.

Typed at great speed in the back of a cab.

Jamie’s new album will be released later this year and you can catch him on the Jazz World Stage at Glastonbury on 27th June. For priority on gig tickets, the latest news and exclusive content, sign up to the mailing list on Also check out the playlist he’s put together with some of his favorite tunes.

Spotify pumps up punk content with Epitaph

Epitaph Records

In the past couple of months we’ve announced a number of deals to add more classical and indie content to Spotify. Today we’re announcing something a little different, we’re really happy to let you know that we’ll be bolstering our punk and alternative rock catalogue with amazing content from Epitaph Records.

Epitaph is a California based label owned by Brett Gurewitz, founding member of Bad Religion. From its California punk rock roots with bands such as The Offsping, Rancid, Pennywise and NOFX, Epitaph has evolved into a leading independent label. It’s current artists range from Converge to Escape The Fate, Set Your Goals, New Found Glory, Ghost Of A Thousand, The Blackout and Every Time I Die.

They launched The Anti label in the late nineties which features Tom Waits, Neko Case, Bettye Lavette, Joe Henry, Booker T, Jason Lytle and William Elliot Whitmore, just to name a few. Burning Heart Records is also part of the Epitaph group and has albums released by Millencolin, Refused, Kid Down, Raised Fist and The Hives.

And while announcements are great, even better is actually getting the music so we’re really excited that the first batch of music from Epitaph is available in today’s music update.

Show off your moves – win Petter tickets

Our good friends at Luger were kind enough to give us three pairs of concert tickets to Swedish hiphop artist Petter and we want you to have them. All you have to do is record a video of you doing your best hiphop move to Petters hit single, Så klart, send it to us, and you and a friend will have the chance to see him perform live. The venue is the small, exclusive and very charming Fasching in Stockholm on Thursday the 19th of February.

The video clip should be no longer than 30 seconds. E-mail your video, name and contact details to by noon Wednesday, February 18th to be eligible for the contest. Three winners will be contacted the following Thursday. This contest is open to all Spotify users in Sweden.

Ska vi riva hela haket?! (Excuse the Swedish.) Petter – Så klart!

Disclaimer: Your video clip could be used in future communication by Spotify.

Bredbandsbolaget has Spotify invites

We get a lots of email and feedback from people looking to get an invite to join Spotify and we are sending out more and more every day so patience will pay off. But if you’re in Sweden and really want to join Spotify one quick option would be to go with our partner Bredbandsbolaget. Existing Bredbandsbolaget clients can sign up right away and get their service free until April 9th, if at any time you no longer want the Bredbandsbolaget service you can cancel at any point.

If you’re not a Bredbandsbolaget client but have a friend or family member who is, there’s a good chance they’ve recently been given invites for our free service that they can share, so don’t be shy and ask around.

Give the gift of music with Spotify Premium gift cards


We’ve got the perfect present for the music lover in your family or circle of friends. With Spotify Premium gift cards you can give the gift of six months of ad-free music, as well as a range of exclusive benefits such as album pre-releases and VIP contests for prizes. Plus, Spotify Premium users get invites to Spotify Free, which they can share with family & friends.

Gift cards can be purchased from our site and will be mailed directly to the recipient. To be sure that they arrive before the holidays make sure to place your order by December 19th. Gift cards are available in Sweden only.

Spotify Premium, courtesy of Ford

ford-logo.gifOur friends over at Ford have been running a contest for awhile now where users can enter to win a one month Spotify Premium account, there are 2000 accounts to be won. They are also handing out a number of invites to join Spotify Free, simply if you register for the contest.

The contest comes to an end on December 15th so you better hurry if you want a chance to win a premium account or even if you’re just looking for a free invite to Spotify before the holidays.