Spotify for Android updated

Today we’ve got a great looking update to our popular Android app to let you know about. The update includes a major rework of the look and feel to the app, numerous performance improvements and support for a number of newly supported devices including the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

To download the latest update head over the Android Market now.

Changes in the new version include:

  • All the graphics have been re-done and are now available in high-definition.
  • The overall design has been re-done.
  • Support for almost any screen resolution, rotation and density, even tablet resolutions.
  • On-the-fly screen rotation support, used on devices with fold-out keyboard.
  • Multiple performance improvements to increase applications speed.
  • Improved error messages with better descriptions.
  • Improved detection of network connection and faster reconnections.
  • Fixed the texts and controllers that were cropped in some places.
  • Fixed the album art view which was often inconsistent with what was playing.
  • Fixed when the widget was not showing the correct content.
  • Fixed an issue with the application not playing the next song in certain cases.
  • New devices supported: HTC Desire HD, HTC Desire Z, Huawei U8300, Motorola Cliq, Motorola Cliq XT, Motorola XT720, Samsung Galaxy 3 (Apollo), Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro, Sony Ericsson X8 and ZTE Blade



  1. Why can’t I sync offline playlists to my device (an Archos 101 running on FrYo)?

  2. Just noticed that this requires a manual update. Updated and it looks great on my HTC Desire HD. Thanks!! Screen doesn’t auto rotate though, am I missing something?

  3. PLS delete song cache from Android, if user delete song from playlist!!! Samsung Galaxy S built-in memory is too little. 😦

  4. Update is not good. Keeps crashing on my phone everytime I try to sync pending tracks, please – is there a way I could get the old version back, the 0.4.3 so it can work again? 😦

  5. Play queue is reversed. Latest added song should appear at the bottom of the queued songs, NOT AT THE TOP!!!!

  6. Hey, this new spotify update looks really nice.
    I got iPhone 3G, and when im trying to update to the newest version i get this error “The operation could’t be completed (NSURLErrorDomain error -999.) ” what shuold i do ? please reply to this.

  7. Great stuff! Working much better now. Only thing missing now is a way to view/edit the queue.


  8. Thought the latest update would fix the issue I was having but alas not.
    On the Samsung Galaxy S, I’ve noticed that sometimes if you are skipping tracks and let a track play through, the timer still continues at times, even after the song has finished, so it doesn’t go onto the next/random track until you press skip manually.

    Plus, another issue regarding this happens. If you press backwards then forwards at times to repeat a track, or drag the slider to the start, the timer will start at an odd time even though the track is at the start(i.e 20 seconds). This will also cause the error above

  9. When is the next update for the spotify android-app? It’s the music player i use the most on my phone but it’s also the worst in many ways. Those popup screens/artist viewing is not a good solution. i also want a share to facebook button and a easier way to play local music, i have over 1000 tracks and no way to sort them or the other playlist. The local music list should be sorted by artist as standard or at least optional. And the queue function is not that good either, it should work the same way as the spotify player for windows and put the song after each other. Really hope you do read this and work out a better app. Best regards Simon