A selection of playlists for August

The summer is winding down but our friends over at ShareMyPlaylists.com provide us with yet another in their series of excellent playlist posts to get your week started. You can check out thousands of playlists at ShareMyPlaylists.com – they’ve got a little something for everyone.

Mark Webster’s The Soul Of The Beatles
Eve wondered what the Beatles would have been listening to from the early days in Liverpool to the hazy days towards the end of their career? Well this playlist by playdio gives us a small snippet of what would have been ringing in the ears of the Fab Four. From Isaac Hayes theme tune to Shaft to a live version of Slippin’ Into Darkness by War, it may surprise you. Fascinating playlist.

Soundtrack To July 2010
The first of the month saw iamnottheenemy take a look back to all the tracks that were making it big in July. All the big guns were out in force during the sweltering summer month including Mark Ronson & Business Intl, We Are Scientists, Foals, Bombay Bicycle Club, Faithless, Danger Mouse and many many more. Finding all the good songs so you don’t have to, this playlist is hit after hit.

Getting you in the mood for the Ibiza party season (or recollecting on Radio 1’s weekend in Ibiza), geordielee gets carried away in this list of his favourite songs. Over 100 tracks later and we are left with this mammoth playlist that will keep you occupied for a couple of party fuelled summer anthems.

Soul Cooking
Not a playlist about cooking as I first thought but a massive compilation of soul hits which go all the way back to the 19050’s. You won’t find all the obvious hits here, soul fan and playlist author, benz, has dug down deep into soul hits from the archives to bring you tracks that you may have forgotten ever existed or maybe even didn’t know existed.

Songs Featured In Ugly Betty (S1-4)
After four seasons of the hit US program Ugly Betty, there have been tonnes of hit songs that have appeared in the show. musicalmadgari has made this absolutely HUGE playlist featuring possibly all of the tracks ever which have been subtly placed in the background as Betty gets her latest rejection or the bosses finds himself in their latest peril!

Funk, Soul and Disco – Lets Dance
Tipped by mac11e as ‘Groovy favourites which lighten up your day’, this collection of toe tapping, hip swinging and booty shaking hits, mostly from the 60’s and 70’s, will get you in the mood to party. Sly and the Family Stone, The Rolling Stones, Marvin Gaye, James Brown are to name but a few of the legends which all know how to set the mood and get the party started.

Uncovered: Cool Cover Version
Just about every band or artist has tried it in the past, all with mixed reactions. The usual covers that come out around Comic Relief and Red Nose Day, last gasp efforts to save a fledgling career, all poor efforts. But this playlist by trainhitsboy is a selection of cover tracks which are the cream of the crop. Some just as good as the originals and some even better.

Blues Rock – The essential albums according to Classic Rock
Not a genre of music that gets a great deal of coverage or recognition but one which people will always have a record or two from it in their collection. This playlist shows why. Artists such as Jeff Beck, The Rolling Stones, and ZZ Top are all tracks that will be familiar to you but maybe not Humble Pie, Joe Bonamassa or J.B. Lenoir. Well worth a listen to get you in that Bluesy mood.

Life In Sound (1985 -1995)
This playlist is aimed at the 40+ year olds if trainhitsboy is to be believed. Those who grew up in th e late 80’s and early 90’s may find themselves singing along to Happy Mondays, James, The Cure, The Cult, The Smiths and Suede but those of a more youthful age could also enjoy these hits from yesteryear.

Cant Sleep
The ultimate playlist to help you kick back and relax. After a long day at the office when all you want to do is crack open a bottle of wine, order a take away and waste the evening away, put this playlist, compiled by likeinmydreams, on in the background and your evening is complete. Just don’t forget to set the alarm for the next day.