Music catalogue updated with 96,964 tracks

We’ve been a little quieter recently on the new music front but we should be getting back into a regular rhythm, to kick off we’ve got a nice size update to let you know about. We added 7856 albums and singles, in total 96,964 new tracks are now available.

A few highlights include:

It’s a big list so I’ve broken out releases from The Orchard into one sheet and all other releases into a second Google doc. As with every update not all albums listed may be available in your country and some tracks previously available may no longer be playable due to regional restrictions.


  1. Yeees finally TOM PETTY!! Although the albums don’t seem to be listed in his page yet.. They work fine from the links though..

  2. Awesome update, just one problem. Two of the songs from ‘The Used’ new album ‘Artwork’ (spotify:album:3998jgjlz1fvCo57NoN07p) doesn’t work 😦 Please fix them…

  3. Keep updating! Still no Silver mt Zion or Godspeed You Black Emperor available in Sweden. Would be nice to see some Stars of the Lid as well!

  4. Nice update! Lot from Metropolis Records which is very nice πŸ™‚ Unfortunately not everything available in Sweden though.

  5. Nice with updates :), but would be nice to see the rest of Volbeats albums, watched them live on SRF’09 and they were awesome.

  6. and by that u had to delete “black holes and revelations” by muse?! 😦

  7. Nice update! But I can’t find Motorpsychos It’s a love cult when i search for it.. shame, cause its such a nice album from such a great band.

  8. None of the albums from the Orchard that i tried are accesible. They cant be found with search and when i copy the URI and pastes it into the searchbar it says “Browsing failed. Please try again”.

  9. Nice update!! I have a suggestion of Putting up “A wilhelm Scream – The Rip” have been searching for it but cant find it.Please add it!

  10. Why are tracks submitted through the excellent service lagging so long? They distribute some really interesting indie stuff to all the major channels, but tracks that come out almost immediately on iTunes and Rhapsody seem to take forever to become available in Spotify.

    I know stuff that were sent to you mid 2009 that are still not available. Instead we get zillions of poorely produced karaoke versions of mainstream fluff…

  11. Still miss two great progressive metal-bands in your catalogue: “Liquid Tension Experiment” & “Tool”.

    Especially Tool!